[Success] Z97X Gaming 7/i7-4770K and Nvidia GTX 780 with Video Benchmarks

Jul 1, 2012
Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7
Intel Core i7-4770k
Sapphire Pulse RX570 4GB
I have been tinkering with the Hackintosh Systems since a long time and have been an avid reader of the tonymacx86 forums. It has helped me solve countless number of issues I've had with my build but I never really posted a "Success" thread here before. I have been successfully running Mac OS X Yosemite on my System since a long time and I recently made a Switch to El Capitan. So here's what I did to get everything working.

1.System Specifications
-Intel Core i7-4770K CPU running stock
-16GB 2400MHz G Skill RAM
-Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7 Motherboard
- Nvidia GTX 780 AMP 3GB Graphics Card
- Cooler Master Seidon 120M CPU Cooler
-240GB Kingston HyperX SSD
-AOC 2369M 23.6 Inch 1080p Monitor (running via DisplayPort)

2.The Installation
With the Unibeast tool, The installation was a breeze on my System. I downloaded the El Capitan installtion file from the Mac App Store and used a 32GB USB 3.0 Drive to make the Unibeast Installation Drive. Booted via the Unibeast drive and I was able to Proceed through the installation without using any Kind of kernel flags. I didn't even have to use "nv_disable" kext as my GPU was working OOB. The installation went well and I was easily able to set up Mac OS X and use it.

3.Post Installation
With the Install done, it was time to use MultiBeast to get things like Audio, Bootloader on my Hackintosh. In MultiBeast, I chose the ALC 1150 audio driver and the chameleon bootloader along with the Ethernet kext and FakeSMC plugins. Installed them and everything is working like a breeze on my Hackintosh. I quickly installed Final Cut Pro X,Batman Arkham City, Grid 2 and a few Benchmark Apps to see how they are working.

1. iMessage/FaceTime would not work at all and I get a Customer Code everytime I try logging into the System. I did try all the fixes, MLB/ROM tricks etc but I still get the customer code error. I don't use Facetime and iMessage so I have left it as it is.
2. Premiere Pro Performance:- While I do have the Nvidia and Cuda Drivers installed on my hackintosh, When I ran Premiere Pro on Windows and OSX, The one on the OSX performed worse than the Windows one. A 3 minute 1080p export took 1.5 minutes in Windows whereas the same thing took around 3 minutes on Mac OS X. So I don't know if it's a software issue by Adobe or it is something related to the Hackintosh.

5.Benchmarks and Performance
I have made a full video comparing the Performance of my custom Hackintosh with the Baseline $3000 Mac Pro. My PC costs around $1200 but it wins over the Mac Pro in almost every benchmark. Here's the video :

So, While my Hackintosh does work very well, I am still using Windows as my primary OS for video editing. Hackintoshing is like a hobby and I like tinkering with Systems and I will keep doing so as and when new Mac versions keep coming out. It's a bummer that iMessage/Facetime won't work(I think I will need real MLB/ROM values).
I hope my thread has helped fellow users with similar hardware who are thinking of installing Mac OS X on their systems. Please let me know if you have any questions or queries, Thanks :)
Jun 4, 2015
Sabertooth Z87
iMac, MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
I have been tinkering with the Hackintosh Systems since a long time and have been an avid reader of the tonymacx86 forums. It has helped me solve countless......
Can I install hackintosh on this specifications? It is almost the same as your specifications,

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z87
CPU: Core i7-4770k
GPU: Asus Nvidia Geroce GTX 780
RAM: GEIL 16GB ( 2x 8GB )
Apr 16, 2013
GIGA z97
gtx 560
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Android, iOS
hey bro,,,, how do u get the killer e2200 work ,,,, i tried some many times ,,, its doesnt work at all