Success: X79 UD5 + 10.13 High Sierra

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Hi all, I have also been able to get High Sierra to work on the GA-X79-UD5 board and F14e BIOS with i7-3970X processor, system type of 14,2, proper full UEFI boot to clover and a new Radeon RX 580 8192 MB GPU.
  1. The system functions great, though boot times through Clover are quite lengthy (4-5 minutes). I'm not sure what is going on with this.
  2. I am obliged to use the DSDT from DrDrumm presented as Better at the beginning of this thread. I had to make a few more patches to it in Clover along the way to get things to boot. In a past incantation of this hackintosh I didn't need any DSDT at all and had it working fine. I really wish I understood what in this DSDT is special that makes the system boot properly.
  3. For the FL1009 USB3 you'll see that I have both the patch in Clover and included the FL1009 kext (which is also just a patch). I any case, I have USB3 working now. However, for devices such as my Logitech 4k Brio camera, I get hard system crashes. Skype just causes all kinds of issues.
  4. I have included ssdt-1.asl for the processor type i7-3970x. Power management in my set up is probably not comprehensive. And I needed to include NullCPUPowerManagement.kext for things to work. However monitoring with Inter Power Gadget seems to show processor change speeds and power variances are good down to 20ish watts when idle. Also, most importantly my screens sleep properly and come back again.
  5. The video card, a Radeon RX 580 8192 MB was bought based on recommendations seen elsewhere for direct osx compatibility in late versions of High Sierra and beyond. I came from a set up before with 2 ancient NVidia cards that required manually injecting a duel-card configuration string in Clover in order for things to work. Years back I recall that took ages to figure out. I was happy to be rid of it. However, the new RX580 will NOT WORK with older versions of the X79-UD5 BIOS. The card needs a fully UEFI compliant BIOS to boot. This was my experience and it prompted me to upgrade the BIOS to the latest F14e. Once I did this all worked well and could e.g. boot to Linux Ubuntu to validate this.
  6. However F14e likely has made several changes in the native DSDT, which perhaps is why the old DSDT I am using has required the other patches in Clover. (I am including unpatched version here too)
So now, I am left with something that is stable, but I really am not sure if optimal. I am including my here for anyone out there who may also be trying to get this older LGA 2011 board to work.

If anyone else has gone further can you please post or send msg. I am particularly interested in stablizing the USB3 for the VideoCam, and seeing if I can improve on the power management further. E.g. can I get to system to fully sleep and wake up properly? If you happen to know more about DSDTs and have patched a working version against BIOS f13e, please can you share! Also, from reading I understand that the 14,2 system combination and i7-3970X is not actually a known combination. However, there were other reasons, probably associated with the graphics card whereby I chose this more modern 14,2 iMac system type.

For people trying to get this to work, I have to say it was NOT easy and took a LOT of patience. I had many problems finally getting the USB ports to work during the installation (the DSDT fixed this installed on the unibeast USB). Essentially when the kernel would boot it would no longer see the installation media. Also during installation, once I finally got to the OSX installation screen, it took a few premature reboots to finally get through the process (remember to disable USB3 in the BIOS during installation along with the virtualisation settings). I copied most of what is in the attached file to the USB installer for things to work. Complicated, perhaps unnecessary, but ultimately success!

Looking forward to any feedback. In general am very happy to make >7 year old hardware work at 4GHZ with 64GB of (now inexpensive) DDR3 RAM and 4 nice new screens and a great GPU Card. I have a spare SSD, but no spare time, otherwise I would further try to install Mojave given that I have something stable now in High Sierra.

Happy hacking!


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boot times through Clover are quite lengthy (4-5 minutes).

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