Success with Gigabyte H370M DS3H +i5-8400 coffee lake

Feb 14, 2019
Gigabyte H370M DS3H
I5 8400
Nvidia Gtx 1060 6GB/ Intel UHD 630
@backwardmac Thank you for the guide! I succesfully managed to make it work with Mojave 10.14.3 on the same board and cpu with intel uhd 630. I am a total noob so I used the F10 bios for the board, your Clover file and some guides I found on internet ( which I don't think I am allowed to post here). All is working but with 4 exceptions :

1. my front case USB 3.0 does not work ( Thermaltake Core V21, on windows they work ) 2. I have a Acer Predator XB241YU monitor and its connected with DisplayPort with the intel gpu and sound goes through that connection and I can't seem to find where to switch to normal speakers connected with 3.5 mm jack.
2.after a long sleep (more than 15 minutes) the os doesn't wake up fully, I see only the cursor and a black screen. clover I can t boot to windows ( I have legacy windows 1,2,3,1 options showing), so for this I have to reboot and use the boot options from bios and choose the ssd with windows. Here I need to say that after installation I didn't use the clover configurator again..I only copied the EFI from clover to the Mojave disk. you think its possible that I can use windows with my Nvidia gpu and Mojave with intel gpu ? I can put a dvi cable from Nvidia to monitor and keep display port with intel for Mojave. Is there something software related that I need to do? I don t think it is as simple as plug and play :D
Later edit: at number 4: I tried HDMI for Mojave and DP for windows and it didn't work. I found out I don't have 2 DP ports on my monitor so for now I'll go with Nvidia at 60 hz on windows and keep DP with Audio and 144 for Mojave.

Thank you again for this guide and thanks to the community as well.


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May 25, 2012
Nvida 9500 GT
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Hi every body, this is my first thread here so if I missed something, just tell me..
I start this thread because I encounter lot of issue to build an hackintosh with the H370M DS3H so it may help someone

The builds :
OS : High Sierra 10.13.5
Case : Powermac G5
MB : Gigabyte H370M DS3H
CPU : Intel Coffee Lake I8400
GPU : EVGA GT 740SC Single Slot + intel UHD 630 (disabled)
Firewire : PCI Express car with 2x1394b + 1x1394a + 1 header :
Wifi : Broadcom BCM943602CS by PCI Express
SSD : Samsung EVO 860
BIOS vs : F2

Working :
USB 2 and 3/3.1
Audio with VOODOO

Not working :
Wake by USB

Didn't test yet :
Display port

  • I had long delay to shutting down with the last version of multibeast, so I used the clover installer and it works fine.
  • For Usb you need to use the USBInjectAll Kext
  • For ethernet, need to keep the intelmausi kext
  • I also use the XHCI-300-series-injector.kext and AHCI-300-Series.kext.
  • For IGPU working accelerated : need IntelGraphicsFixup.kext, 0x59120000 IG-Platform-ID, 0x59128086 IntelGFX FakeID And some patches in config.plist
  • I also add an .aml in ACPI/Patched
I'm not sure if my settings are perfect, but it working pretty well. So again, it can be a good starting point for other.
If you see something seems to be wrong please tell me and I will try.

I add all my Clover File in attachment

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all people in this website (and others), It's the 2nd Hackintosh I made thanks to you, and me and my brother are doing a third one with a nuc in an iMac G4 20 inche..

EDIT : Success With same Mobo/Cpu/iGPU/eGPU on MOJAVE

Hello everybody and first of all, thank's a lot for your support. I'm really glad that this thread can help some of you.

So now here is the second shot for this config with Mojave. And I can tell you, that's rocks!! especially for sleep..

Some point to know :
  • Mojave and 10.13.6 support UHD 630 and coffeeLake really better because of new coffelake Framebuffer
  • For all graphics setting, you just need Whatevergreen.kext and lilu.kext in there last version and maybe some setting in config.plist. No more intelgrapghicsfixup or IntelGFX fake id.
  • There is 3 new IG Plateform for UHD 630 :
    • (0x3E910003 Compute only)
    • (0x3E920003 Compute only)
    • (0x3E9B0007 when screen connected to it) the one I use.
  • You absolutely need to use the latest vs of clover as there there is news from aptiomemoryfix and emuvariable
  • About aptiomemoryfix, this one not work well with sleep on my Mobo, so I'm using the combination of osxaptiofix3drv and emuvariable which is kind of deprecated. but work well for me.
I give you the clover file (v2), it is based on the first one I just made some change :
  • I'm using clover vs 4769
  • In device/property in config.plist to change all port type of the UHD 630
  • In the DSDT patch to make the UHD 630 appear as built in.
  • For sleep working well I use the "sudo pmset -a standby 0" command in terminal and ERP need to be activate in bios.
  • AGDP Patch is mandatory in kernel patch
  • I deleted the serial number in SMBIOS, you need to add one.
All working fine except the audio.. I'm using an USB plug for audio instead so if you have idea or feedback to give me.. I will try.

Have fun guys!!!!!
I have B360M-DSH mainboard with i7-8700 with wifi from OSXWifi.

The builds :
OS : Mojave 10.14.3
Case :
MB : Gigabyte B360M-DSH
CPU : i7-8700
GPU : Radeon R570 8G (Sapphire) + intel UHD 630
Wifi : Broadcom BCM94360CD by PCI Express
SSD : Samsung PRO 970 512G nvme + Samsung 860 EVO 1T
Monitor : Dell U2718Q + Dell P2415Q via DP port
BIOS vs :

It works great with the attached Mojave EFI OOB.
Sleep, handover, Airdrop works.
Thanks for good EFI!

Sep 30, 2016
Gigabyte H370M-DS3H-Clover
GTX 1050; UHD 630
MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini
Classic Mac
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For IGPU working accelerated : need IntelGraphicsFixup.kext, 0x59120000 IG-Platform-ID, 0x59128086 IntelGFX FakeID And some patches in config.plist
Hi backwardmac.
I'm using the same mobo, and was wondering if you could expand upon what you did for patches in the config.plist to get your acceleration working. Also, are you using the display port? That gives the best video performance from the UHD630.

Thanks in advance!
Oct 30, 2018
Gigabyte H370M-DS3H
UHD 630
MacBook Air
Classic Mac
Power Mac
Mobile Phone
Today i bought a H370M DS3H and i5-8400.
I created a config using Clover (I also tried the supplied one by @backwardmac), however my system does not enter the macOS installer.
After some time the log reports "matches prelinked kext but can't determine if executables are the same", then "Service exited with abnormal code:1", prints some additional information and then the screen goes dark (turns off). What can I do?
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Did you find a solution to this issue? I have your same setup and am having this same error no matter how I configure clover, uefi bios, etc. Please let me know! If you're willing to share your working clover configuration that would be amazing!