[Success] Music Production w/ Sierra + GA-Z170X-GAMING 7 + GTX 1050 Ti + Thunderbolt Guide

Feb 21, 2011
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I want to report (at least it seems for now) "almost" fully working system on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.2 with UAD Apollo x8p Thunderbolt 3 audio interface.

I used the following hardware configuration :

i7 6700k
z170x Gaming 7 Rev 1.0 Bios v20
16 GB (2x8) G.Skill Aegis DD4-3000
GTX 760 MSI Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC
Gigabyte B700H power supply
SSD & HDD (many of them :lol:)

I was struggling for almost a week but it was worth it.

Just to point out some things that was killing me the most:
- please use GUID partition when doing bootable installation flash drive; yeah, would be good to properly read instructions on tonymac's excellent tutorials
- flash mobo with version v20 bios; I tried to use v22 but did't get proper UEFI-CSM settings in bios; maybe I missed it but anyway v20 works fine;
- in bios I selected firstly Windows 8/10 option with UEFI, then I set CSM to disabled (plus all other options insalada mentioned in the first post);
- I purposely used GTX 760 instead of newer cards (like 1060 or so) because Nvidia still didn't release drivers for Mojave and High Sierra till date; kepler graphic architecure should work out of the box; newer cards like pascall are not supported yet as far as I know
- I couldn't boot with CSM disabled/UEFI (gave me 5 short beeps and black screen) because GTX 760 bios was not UEFI capable; I had to install windows first and install the only available bios from year 2014 which supported UEFI; use nvflash utility in windows; search bios here
- I had to also flash Thunderbolt port in windows like insalada said; look at first post
- most of the rest installation was pretty straightforward; GTX 760 works out of the box with Nvidia web drivers (Multibeast) and it seems I get acceleration, though I get some glitches in Youtube, but nothing special though;

What works so far:
- graphics with 4 LCD screens 1900 x 1200, seems it is accelerated, with some glitches in youtube
- UAD Apollo Thunderbolt 3 interface (though system says that no drivers are loaded but as far the connected device is powered up before computer starts up, all seems fine and works like charm )
- all USB ports (though I have to fully test USB 3 speeds)
- ethernet (install Atheros E2200 in Mutibeast)
- Firewire card (looks fine, connected old TC Powercore and Tascam DM4800 :lol:); should use Texas Instrument chipset
- UAD 2 Octo Pcie card

What does not:
- internal audio (but didn't even bother, as I have many outboard interfaces)
- probably graphics would work even better with proper Nvidia driver, but even with web drivers it is fine, if you are not dealing with video production

That's it !
Big thanks especially to insalada which helped me to select the right components for my hackintosh. Also to all of you who contributed :headbang:.

Will post some pictures soon ... bye.
Hello. Have you upgraded your Machine to Catalina? I am considering doing a new build with this board. Thank you.