[SUCCESS] MSI Z97 mATX - i7-4790K - 16GB RAM - Intel™ HD Graphics 4600

Jun 1, 2017
i7 4790K
Intel Graphics (i7)
MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
ppamorim's "Xcode anti freezer" Build:
MSI Z97 mATX Gaming 5 - i7-4790K - 16GB RAM - Intel™ HD Graphics 4600


MSI Z97 MATX GAMING 5 Motherboard

INTEL™ CORE® i7-4790K Processor

CORSAIR 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600MHZ Memory (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9)

CORSAIR RM850X Power Supply


CORSAIR H100i V2 Processor Cooler


Already Owned

Apple Full-size USB Keyboard
I have found this guy. I think this is a must have keyboard for a complete MacOS experience.

Microsoft Mouse
Mixing brands is good and enough. Works brilliant.


The Build

I decided to build this machine because I feel very upset of current situation of my iMac and MacBook Pro. They are really slow, specially if you are dealing with compilers. Mac Pro is not a alternative for me, the pseudo-modularity of this computer doesn't attract me, sounds like a lie for casemodders. The motherboard, CPU and memory were used on a Windows PC previously.

UEFI Settings
I did some changes on the UEFI. I disabled the VT-d and CFG-Lock and left all other settings on default mode, from the scratch.

Installation of the macOS

The first process is to download your Sierra installation file, I did use my current Mac to get this file from the store. I created the bootable USB using a drive with 8GB and the software used to create this was the UniBeast. Please include the software MultiBeast and Clover Configurator. too, you need these software apps to finish your installation.

The installation process was very simple, no problems at all. I just plugged the USB and installed the system normally. The installation was very straightforward, no boot flags were needed, simply incredible!

MultiBeast Settings

If you get success on the OS installation, now you need to open the software MultiBeast to prepare your bootloader. Sierra uses CLOVER as bootloader. BE CAREFUL AND CHECK IF YOUR MultiBeast is for Sierra (version 9.1.0), otherwise your bootloader will not work and you will need to reinstall the system.

After this, try to use the software Clover Configurator to mount your EFI. Doing this you can check if inside this folder contains the folders BOOT, CLOVER and the file Clover_Install_log.txt. If these files exists, you install is completed. But this is not the end!

Installing Some KEXT

To make your system better, you need to install a collection of KEXT to make possible the reading of system information. To do this you need to download the collection of KEXT called FakeSMC. Then You just need to mount the partition using Clover Configurator, after this open the folder EFI/Clover/kexts/10.12(your MacOS version) and put all KEXT files there.
Now you need to open MultiBeast, click on Drivers/Misc and select the options based on the name of the file inside the folder kexts. Click in build and Install.
Close the software and restart the computer.

Solving audio issue (ACL 1150)

As Apple doesn't support any drive of Realtek, we need to modify the file AppleHDA.kext, injecting a code of the onboard sound on it. The process is very simple. You just need to mount the partition using Clover Configurator, after this open the folder EFI/Clover/kexts/10.12(your MacOS version) and put the original AppleHDA.kext on it.

After this, open MultiBeast, go to Drivers/Audio and select Realtek ALC -> ALC1150. Click on build and install. Now you need to download the command audio_cloverALC-120_v1.0f3.command and check if your EFI is mounted. If it is, just double click on this file and proceed with the configuration. If you motherboard has 5.1 audio ports, you need to inject the code 2 on the audio settings. This is be questioned during the setup process.

To finish you just need to restart your computer. I recommend a video on Youtube called: How to Fix Audio Problems in macOS Sierra (All ALC Codec)


This process sounds very complicated and dangerous, but if you know your system and search what are the limits, you can squeeze all the juice that it provides. You will need a processor unlocked, it means... Series K (4770K, 4650K, 4790K), a good motherboard that provides overclock (be careful with the voltage!) a good power supply and a good cooler.

The system seems to be very stable for two days. Let's wait more to check if I need to reduce the core speed...

My MSI motherboard is really cool, it has a very simple Configurator.What I did here was:

- Deactivated Turbo Boost (must need!)
- Changed the multiplier to 46x
- Changed the VCore to 1.260V (the limit of this processor is 1.300V, anything bigger than this can be dangerous).
- About the memory... My motherboard provides a XMP profile for 1866mhz 9-9-9-24.


Geekbench 4 results, the system was on a little load while the test happened. The score can be higher.


Thank you very much!
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