[Success] Mini Mac Pro :) i7-3770k - GA-z77n-wifi - 256Go SSD + 500Go DD - 16Go Ram - GeForce 640

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The system is pretty quiet. It's in my office in the basement and I never hear it, though someone trying to use it in a quieter environment may have a different opinon.

I'm not using a wireless card. The Gigabyte motherboard has wireless built in but I'm using a wired connection.

I'n very happy with these configuration. I have been running it for 6 months without an issue. Nice strong machine.
I use the fans delivered in the case (only 1...) and with the CPU

It works great, but it's not so quiet... If you enjoy the silence (i'll see Depeche Mode this week-end), you might look for better fans.

I use 2 DD spaces, on for the DD and one for the SSD, the others spaces are empty. So my case have ... nearly 50% of the space that is free / unused.

It's the most beautiful case i've ever seen in the PC world, but the size is a shame.

I don't use the wifi... too slow.
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