[SUCCESS] Mavericks on Alienware Aurora R4 - Intel X79 Express, 2011 Socket, 6 Cores, 3.2 GHz i7-393

Jun 22, 2013
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Ok!!!! i have now built this successfully. after 1 Year and a Half:crazy:, lol but i guess its worth it. (Having said that I waited for Mavericks to Come out + I was and maybe am a noob)
Lion and Mountain Lion did not work on it. I tried many codes. I gave up once but i decided to get back on it and try the Mavericks on it lately since Yosemite came out.

I was able to instal the VoodooTSCsync.kext by using kext-beast to get all 6 cores working.

The only code you need to boot is cpus=1

Here is what I did over all to get my Alienware Aurora R4 working with Mavericks.

Alienware Aurora R4
6 Cores 12MB
GTX 780 S.C. - 3 x 39' TVs
Intel X79 Express
2011 Socket
SSD 512 GB
16 GB RAM 1600
3 TB additional Storage ( 3 x 1 TB hard drives ) 1 boots Windows 7

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI Sound Card
PCIE FireWire 400 and 800. Everything is working fine.

(If you have too much volume in your iTunes or browsers maybe this helps: ) I use Saffire Pro 40 interface with firewire connection, and i noticed that everything was being double tracked. That's why the volume is too much. You have to get rid of one layer that is being played back from your PC. All you need is an external cheap Audio Interface.

First: Only connect 1 Monitor or TV to your graphic card.
Here is my booting flags:

to install mavericks:


after installation:

For Audio: Voodoo_HDA-2.8.5_MAV.pkg

For getting the 6 cores working:
Download voodooTSCsync and put it on the desktop, then use kext-beast to install it to your system/library/extensions/

Thank you all who helped me build this, I hope someone else could build this thing again. :thumbup:[/B]