[SUCCESS] Lenovo Laptop G510/59-398343 - Mavericks 10.9.4

May 13, 2013
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arjunr24724's Build: Lenovo Laptop G510/59-398343 - Core i5-4200M - 8GB RAM - HD4600

Lenovo Laptop G510/59-398343

Apple OS X Mavericks @ Mac Apps Store

Kinivo BTD-400

TP-Link TN-WN725N V2

Generic USB Keyboard and Mouse
I have not provided any link since any USB keyb and Mouse will do. This may be required during installation since the drivers for the touchpad and keyboard for your laptop wont be available until you have installed it after installation. So you need a way to navigate through the installation.


This is a relatively cheap i5 4200M (Haswell) laptop with an Intel HD4600 graphic chip. The rest of the hardware does not present too much of an issue.

1. Configured G510 bios for UEFI only mode and disabled Virtualization (at least for installation).
(screenshots to be put up here)

2. Used Clover to create a bootable Mavericks USB by
following the instructions for installing Mavericks using Clover ( Use the same settings as shown in screenshots in the guide above (for UEFI). YOU MAY REQUIRE A USB KEYB and MOUSE TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THE INSTALLATION. Also, see the Notes below before proceeding with the instructions.

The main thing with Clover is to get the correct config.plist and the kexts. See my shared folder for files particular to this laptop. Contains config.plist, LAN card kext and FakeSMC kext. Other kexts can be found online by their respective developers and are linked in the instructions below. For now, copy the kexts from my folder to a folder on your installation USB


The advantage I found with using Clover (vs other methods) was
- not having to do kernel patching manually for Haswell chips
- graphics for HD4600 was up and running right from install (see step 4 for bootflags though).

Remember that Clover takes a long time to install, so set aside an hour at least for the basic install process. Even when the screen says one second remaining, its going to take a lot of time. And don't forget that it reboots about 3 times before the installation is finally done. It ends up creating a recovery partition and the main boot disk.

Troubleshooting for booting into installation USB.
When booting into the installation USB if you get :-

- Some IObluetooth error: Use IntelAzul=12 flag, or use -x for safe mode. At least one of these options should work. Ideally, Clover has the flag for Intel 4000 graphics chips and this should not be an issue if using my config.plist.
- Some kernel trap or memory error: Use maxmem=2048 or maxmem=4096 (I needed this for installation)

5. After the install is done and you can boot up from your laptop drive, install the required kexts (ones attached in the shared folder which you would have placed in your installation usb). Use the flags above if you still face boot issues from the laptop hdd.

6. Touchpad+Keyboard: My G510 uses an Elan touchpad. Dont use Rehabman's PS2 controller kext cos it is for Synaptics and it wont work completely (dragging and gestures basically). Use this instead: http://forum.osxlati...river-mac-os-x/ . This also provides your keyboard kext.

7. Battery: Use Rehabman's ACPI Battery Driver from the following post: http://www.tonymacx8...ery-status.html

8. Audio: I used VoodooHDA kexts since AppleHDA did not work for me. However, the volume is low. I have tried applying the halfvolume patch for the kext, but doesn't seem to have much effect. Not bothered too much since I use BT mostly
9. Ethernet: I used ALXEthernet.kext (provided in link below) to get the LAN card working.

10. Bluetooth: I added a Kinivo Bluetooth dongle to connect to my stereo which works out of the box perfectly. It may start throwing a window to configure a BT keyboard. I forgot how to set it off but it's probably in the BT settings.

11. WiFi: I bought a TP-Link WN725N V2 usb WiFi dongle. Unfortunately it does not work too well. My mac has been crashing for some time now and I believe it is due to the dongle. Plus there seems to be instances where it drops the net every now and then. Still exploring. An alternative is am using Horndis-rel5 ( for connecting my Samsung Note2 in USB tethering mode for a wifi connection.

Not Working:
- Onboard WiFi
- Onboard BT
- Function Keys -partial. Brightness control and Windows close button wont work. What does work is the screen off key, trackpad off key, volume (+/-/mute).
- Sleep (wakes up after a few minutes automatically)

So far, its running stable mostly. I tried to get rid of some errors by adding NullCpu kext, but havent really done much beyond that. I use it for bedroom DJing (not completely confident to take it on a real event), music production (midi guitar runs beautifully) and a bit of video and graphics editing.


Jul 28, 2014
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Can you upload your voodoHDA that works for you?
My detects the HDMI Audio.
I need the one that detects the stereo jack out put.
Mar 22, 2013
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what is the in built wifi card?


May 3, 2012
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what is the in built wifi card?
You can determine your WiFi card with DPCIManager (PCI List) in OS X, or 'lspci -nn' in Linux Terminal, or by looking at Device Manager in Windows.
Jul 3, 2017
I have the same laptop. Is it possible to re-upload the files? (since the link you provided is dead now)