[SUCCESS] LeJokars Haswell Build: GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 980

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Jul 12, 2015
Gigabyte Z97 HD3
i5 4690K
GTX 980
  1. iMac
  2. MacBook Pro
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LeJokar's Build: GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 970 / Triple Boot
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This is an Update to my previous Build Description back in 2015: [SUCCESS] GA Z97-HD3 / i5-4690K / GTX 970 / Triple Boot Win10 - Yosemite - Ubuntu 14.04 [/B]

Motherboard, Processor and PSU remain the same while I've updated/replaced with the following:

GTX 980 reference design.
- My GTX 970 in my old build decided to die randomly so i had to get a new GPU. I got this one for 250€ off of Amazon.

16 GB Crucial Ballistic Sport RAM ( 16 GB 1600 MHz) - Great Price to Performance Ratio and fulfills all my needs

250 GB Crucial SSD BX100 - I wanted to have all my Operating Systems on separate SSDs so that i can handle them with ease

Most Importantly: Added RGB Lighting :)


I was not quite happy with my old Yosemite config because it crashed sometimes, windows didn't boot occasionally and some random stuff happened. So i decided to install El Capitan (not Sierra intentionally) with Clover, which was completely new to me. I also wanted to be able to boot into Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10, obviously. This was a real challenge indeed. My installation USB Sticks were not UEFI compatible, so I had to rebuild them. With some help of YouTube and TonyMacx86 Guides, I managed to get it all to work without any boot problems.

Due to this Install being a really big topic, I'd ask you to post your questions concerning this topic in the comment section. I'll try to answer them.

EL Capitan Installation

1. Turn off VT-d
2. Set the Monitor to IGFX instead of PCI1 or something else! This is important for the install of OS X.
3. Set the SSD SATA Controller to AHCI mode
4. I found it to be a LOT easier to install OS X without the GTX 980 being installed! So take it out of your rig if you already installed it. We will need it later!

I did not have to tinker around with any boot arguments initially. It worked OOB.

I used the tonymacx86's EL Capitan installation guide and follow the steps. It was really easy :)

Post Install:
5. Select VOODOO HDA 2.8.7 for ALC 887 Chipset of this motherboard
(Head over to my last post. There is a detailed description for the audio section)


Basically i followed the instructions of this Video and it worked out instantly.

What works / What does not work

When logged in, everything works like a charm. Sound, Internet, Graphics, everything is at full potential and everything i detected by OS X

The only thing that bothers me, is that static noise on my second monitor after boot. When I log into OS X and reconnect the monitor by, everything is fine again. I haven't found a solution yet, perhaps you do :)

I provided my current config.plist down there.

I'm open for any questions concerning this build :)


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