[Success]i7 8700+TUF Z370+GB RX570 & some issues

Apr 7, 2020
i7 8800
1050 Ti

If you are looking for a tutorial this is not what you are looking for.
I must say my build is a success is a 50% of hard work and 50% of luck.
I have skipped some of the setups in BIOS cuz I have totally no idea what to do and how to do.
The only two things I changed is the FAST BOOT = Disabled and Other OS.

If you are trying to build a hackintosh,
I strongly suggest to check the compatibility of your hardware before you start.

Mine was using a GF1050TI, by the end I changed to RX570:headbang:. (I want to use MOJAVE)​

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 2.12.20 AM.png

Intel i7 8800 3.19GHZ
ASUS TUF Z370 Pro Gaming
Corsair 8GB x2
Gigabyte RX570 4GB (People suiggested XFX/Armor is not supported by Hackintosh)

UniBeast for Mojave
Mutibeast for Mojave
Clover by tonymacx86
Clover Configurator

Working USB 3.0
Working Audio Card
Working Internet
Benchmark 5655 by Geekbench 5

Kexts(Clover Configurator):
1. AppleALC
2. InterMausi (I tried 2.4 or below ain't working)
3. Lilu
4. USBInjectall
5. VirtualSMC
6. WhateverGreen (not sure if's needed lol)

1. 3rd Party USB 3.0

Drivers(Clover Configurator):
1. ApfsDriverLoader
2. AptioMemoryFix
3. AudioDxe
4. DatahubDxe
5. FSInject
6. HFSPlus
7. SMCHelper
8. UsbKbDxe
9. UsbMouseDxe
10. VBoxHFS
11. VirtualSmc
Again I'm not sure if all the drivers is needed, i read too many posts online and each posts suggested a different approaches.
This is a list for your reference only, not a tutorial!! :oops::oops:

Attempts :

First installation : WORKING OS but laggy (GPU only 7MB on About this Mac)(was using 1050ti)
Second installation : Working OS ; NO Audio and Ethernet
(With RX570) Reinstall Kexts by Mutibeast : Working Audio card but no internet
Reboot -> Black screen after Clover and Apple Logo
Third installation : Purple tint OS ; No Audio and Ethernet
Reinstall Kexts by Mutibeast : Working Audio (From but not Audio Card), No internet
Reboot -> Black screen after Clover and Apple Logo

1. Dual monitors not support (?Hackintosh does not support DVI-D port?)
2. Before this build i tried High Sierra with webdriver for my 1050ti, and it was a disaster, do not use Nvidia card if possible.
3. Black screen after Clover Boot and Apple Logo. I created a new EFI by Clover Configurator, reinstall the drivers and kexts and BOOM! Works like magic.
4. Fun Fact: I expected the Bootable USB can be re-use for another fresh install, turns out is i can't . I found some kexts gone missing after time.
5. It's 2AM now in Hong Kong, i reboot couple times and seems smooth by now.

The OS is running smooth by now by there are still some questions I hope can be followed by SENIOR MEMBERS:crazy:

1. System Definitions is 14,1 will it be better to change to 19,2 ??
2. Optimising the system for Better Benchmark??
3. Dual Monitor by DisplayPort??


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Dec 31, 2013
Asus Z370-p II
i5 9400F
Radeon RX570
Mobile Phone
I now using Asus Z370-p II & RX570, the OS works but gets a same problem: "GPU only 7MB on About this Mac". How did you solved this problem? Can you share your config.plist file? Thanks