<< Solved >> [SUCCESS] How to install to X79 X99 C600 and other X series like X299 even AMD platform , laptop

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Aug 3, 2019
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[SUCCESS] How to install to X79 X99 C600 and other X series like X299 even AMD platform , laptop
Before begin, my English is pretty basic, please don't mind.

First, this is my server

|PCIe 16X slot 1

|PCIe 8X slot 2

|PCIe 8X slot 3


Riser card 1

|PCIe 16X slot 4

|PCIe 8X slot 5

|PCIe 8X slot 6


Riser card 2

Onboard PCIe for netcard

Onboard PCIe for sas card

My Server owns 8 PCIe slots!



Story begins

Have you ever trying to add boot-args like

“npci=0x2000” , “npci=0x3000”

Or see this

{IOConsoleUsers: time(0) 0->0, lin 0, llk 1,

IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, nov 0, sm 0x0}

or stuck at [PCI CONFIGURATION ],

If you do, now I found the only one reason!

Actually, in my guess, all of these problems is caused by PCIe slots.

PCIe slots ?

According to intel, every cpu has Maximum of PCI Express Lanes, so.....if need more PCIe slots, what motherboards do?

Think about it, you will know the answer.

Let’s count,

Display card >PCIe 16X

Netcard >PCIe 1X to 4X

SAS card > PCIe 8X

USB card > PCIe 1X

Nvme>PCIe 4X( 1 slot)

Wi-Fi >PCIe 1X

BlueTooth >PCIe 1X

All of these , connected to PCIe, how many in your motherboard?


In my system,

①If plug nvidia display card only, I can boot with out npci=0x2000.(already disable onboard netcard, sas catd)

②If plug one more card, I need to use “npci=0x2000”, but it will broke intel netcard connection.

This is bad, I tried over 100 times, they all reveal one thing, this must caused by PCIe lanes.

Sometimes screen is on, but black , too many situations.


Mac models, as we know, poor PCIe slots.

Hackintosh normally, we plug one display card , 16X, but your motherboard also have some devices, just count the number of PCIe lanes.


It’s not npci=0x2000 broke netcard or other card, it’s just we pass the check, PCIe problems still exist.

The answer is when hackintosh choose a model, the model can’t recognize PCIe slots.


The one thing we should do is choose macpro 7,1, this model has 8 PCIe slots. When you choose this model, you can see [PCI] in about this Mac.

MacPro 5,1 also can solve this problem, but system will be slower. If you have problems with 5,1 , give 7,1 a try.

On my advice,

Just upgrade to Catalina and choose MacPro 7,1.

Maybe Catalina with MacPro 7,1 won’t recognize your PCIe slots and warning memories over maximum, these doesn’t effect.

This is why choose MacPro 6,1 is wrong, and cause lots of problems.

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Doesn't the motherboard and CPU control how the PCI lanes are allocated? It will assign out the PCI lanes based on Max speed and need.

If you have 20 PCI lanes and use two video cards, it drops from 16x to 8x and 8x with 4x left over for other PCI-E slots.

It may be a coding or kext issue, but I doubt it has to do with over or mis allocation of PCI-E lanes.

When you choose a different model, I think, it looks for extra devices or the code for the extra PCI-e lanes are seen.

I am using the Mac mini 8,1 and I have a Wifi card, a Thunderbolt 2 card and a RX480 and I have use of all devices.

I am just guessing based on the installs that I have done.
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