[Success]Gigabyte Z390M Gaming + i5-9600K + ASUS RX570 8GB + Mojave

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Apr 17, 2019
Gigabyte Z390m Gaming | AORUS Z390I Pro Wifi
RX 570 8G
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Nloth's Build:
Gigabyte Z390M Gaming + i5-9600K + ASUS RX570 8GB


Gigabyte Z390m Gaming Motherboard

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 3000 MT/s (PC4-24000) Gray Memory (BLS2K8G4D30BESBK)

Intel i5-9600K Processor

ASUS Expedition RX 570 8G Graphics Card (EX-RX570-O8G) - Installed after the build is complete

Crucial MX500 500GB 3D NAND SATA 2.5" SSD - CT500MX500SSD1(Z)

Sabrent USB Bluetooth 4.0 Micro Adapter for PC [v4.0 Class 2 with Low Energy Technology] (BT-UB40)


1st post!
My last desktop and custom build was almost 20 years ago with an OG Celeron 266MHz and 10GB HDD. Time flies ;) This year, before I throw $2k+ into a 2019 iMac, I decided to give Hackintosh a try and this forum makes everything a breeze!

I knew I don't want a full size ATX and eGPU is optional. So I picked the cheapest Z390M motherboard from the tonymacx86 Buyer's Guide and a i9-9600K for a little bit of overclocking. An i5-8400+H370 probably would have met my photo editing and elementary video editing needs, but the marginal cost was not too bad, so I went for it. I started without even buying an eGPU, and followed jbarnette's post for the BIOS setup:

For installation I followed MacMan's post below:
Which is really simple for beginners, essentially UniBeast+MultiBeast only, plus a line of Framebuffer fix. No Clover Config or manual kext required.

Last week, there was an OK deal on the RX570, so I placed an order. It was plug and play. Just remember to double check the two settings in BIOS:
(1) Initial display output: change to PCIe 1 so you can see BIOS screen and Clover. If not you boot into MacOS anyway....after a long black screen
(2) Internal Graphics: leave it as auto. I left it as enabled at first, which caused some confusion in MacOS (iMovie will either not launch or rely on iGPU when rendering; DaVinci Resolve can render with RX570 though).

This week the 10.14.5 was out. Since I used the latest Uni/MultiBeast, Clover is already the latest. Just selected update from the menu and 15 mins later it's done!

The parts you bought dictates the difficulty for installation. I want simple so I picked an easy route.

What Works (straight after Multibeast and Framebuffer reboot)
Bluetooth for speaker and MagicMouse (the USB adapter above is amazing, PnP and only ~4 dollars!)
All USB ports including front ports
Audio including front ports
Hand-off (updated below)

What Does Not Work
Shutdown will reboot (updated below)

Updates Sep 17th, 2019
-To get ready for the Catalina screen share feature which I'm very excited about and most likely requires some kind of advanced handoff, I added a Fenvi Wifi card ( works out of the box
-Replaced the 120mm fan on the AIO liquid cooler with a Noctua and redistributed case fan positions
-Tried out a 970 EVO NVME.2 SSD, and decided I didn't need the extra speed over MX500
-Installed a WD 10 TB drive from a MyBook External, needed to do the gold pin masking but that wasn't too hard
-Upgraded to 10.14.6 18G95 without issue via AppStore
-Shut down works most of the time, required changing setting in BIOS and OS to turn off wake on LAN. Thank you @Westsurf
-Re: overclocking the 9600k. I'm settling on the 4.8G all core due to current cooling capacity and the fact that MacOS ignores AVX Offset and will be running at top speed for those heavy lifting tasks. Without AVX can do 5.0G without any tweaking in BIOS for short periods. Details posted in here:
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@nloth Congratulation for build. Me, too, to start to build new PC after almost 17 years (with 1.7Ghz and 40GB HDD).
For shutdown, if your familiar with Clover Configurator, you can try as mine:
Acpi, check fix USB, fix shutdown (after 10.14.5)
Boot. arg: -f -UseKernelCache=No, slide=0
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@nloth could you please share the EFI folder, I'm contemplating to buy this Mobo +Titan Ridge TB3 card
Did you try this complication of Titan Ridge and the Gigabyte Gaming M mobo?
@nloth Did you get the reboot with shutdown fixed? If so, what method did you use?
Reboot on shutdown ... try turning off Wake on LAN.
I turned Wake on LAN off in BIOS and the problem remains. Is this (BIOS way) what you meant or there's kext to insert too? Thanks a lot!
Almost got the same build. Shame that the Z390M Gaming doesn't have a Displayport. Was planning to use the iGPU on my 4K Monitor. Oh well.
Yea there's not many good options when it comes to Z390M, not sure why they kept the DVI port to this day.......
Yea there's not many good options when it comes to Z390M, not sure why they kept the DVI port to this day.......

Ended up buying an RX 570 on sale to tide me over until Navi cards are supported(hopefully) in Catalina. Works OOB!
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