[Success] Gigabyte Z370-H3DP, i7-8700, RX580, 32GB RAM, Wifi, Mojave

Oct 9, 2018
Gigabyte Z370 HD3P
iMac, MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
jaabdad's Coffee Lake ATX Build:
i7-8700K - Z370-HD3P - 32GB RAM - RX580


Gigabyte Z370 HD3P ATX Motherboard

Intel Core i7-8700K Unlocked Processor

Sapphire AMD Radeon RX580 GPU 8GB

Ballistix Sport DDR4-2400 32GB RAM kit (2x 16GB)

Samsung 970EVO NVMe 250GB SSD

Samsung 970EVO NVMe 1TB SSD

Fenvi FV-T919 PCIe WiFi+Bluetooth Card

Corsair Carbide SPEC-04 Case

Corsair RM750x Power Supply

Noctua NH-U9S CPU Cooler

Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fan

Already Owned

LG MN 43MU79-B 42.5" 3840x2160 Monitor

Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech M310 Wireless Mouse (part of a set)


This was my first build. It is from-the-ground-up with a fresh Mac OS Mojave install. The system runs cool so far and is very quiet, even sitting on my desk not 3 feet away from me. Everything works, including WiFi, Bluetooth, audio (even through DisplayPort to my LG monitor), iMessage, Handoff, FaceTime calling (audio only, no webcam), Airdrop, USB 2 and 3, Sleep, and Ethernet. Encoding 1080p MKVs in Handbrake maxed the CPU temp at 68C, which is not bad at all. Thanks to @andyxm715 for a great build guide to get me started.

Installation Notes
I used the UniBeast 9.0 Mojave Installation Guide all the way through, including running MultiBeast 10.4.

You'll probably want to update the motherboard's BIOS to F8 (latest version as of Oct 2018) using Gigabyte's Q-Flash utility. It's not complicated, but you will need a USB stick.

Then, you'll want to be sure to download and have available the following, either on your install USB stick or you can download onto your functioning Mojave system:

- Clover Configurator
- KextBeast
- The latest kexts for:
  • Apple ALC
  • Lilu
  • USBInjectAll
  • WhateverGreen

BIOS Settings
  • Save & Exit: Load Optimized Defaults
  • M.I.T. > Advanced Memory Settings Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.): Profile 1
  • BIOS > Fast Boot: Disabled
  • BIOS > CMS Support: Disabled (this will also disable LAN PXE Boot Option ROM)
  • BIOS > Storage Boot Option Control: UEFI (if this option is available)
  • Peripherals > Super IO Configuration > Serial Port: Disabled
  • Peripherals > USB Configuration > XHCI Handoff: Enabled
  • Chipset > Vt-d: Disabled
  • Chipset > Internal Graphics: Auto (for now)
MultiBeast 10.4 Settings
  • Quickstart > UEFI Boot Mode
  • Drivers > Audio > AppleALC
  • Drivers > Network > IntelMausiEthernet v2.4.0
  • Drivers > Misc > FakeSMC (should be selected by default based on UEFI Boot Mode selection above)
  • Drivers > Misc > FakeSMC Plugins
  • Drivers > Misc > Core Graphics Fixup AKA WhateverGreen
  • Drivers > USB > USBInjectAll
  • Drivers > USB > Remove XHCI USB Port Limit
  • Leave everything else alone (e.g. my system is listed as iMac 14,2, I left it alone)
Post-MultiBeast Procedure
  1. Reboot into your Mojave system drive
  2. Put all your latest kext files on your desktop (KextBeast expects to find them on your desktop), then use KextBeast to put these kexts into /Library/Extensions
  3. Reboot again, then run Clover Configurator
  4. In Clover Configurator, mount your EFI partition
  5. In Clover Configurator, open the Clover config.plist file on your EFI partition
  6. Add the following code as part of enabling USB3 (towards bottom of file, you’ll see an <array> with a bunch of <dict> entries like this one):
              <string>disable port limit in XHCI kext (credit PMHeart)</string>
Reboot into BIOS and enable iGPU:
  • Chipset > Internal Graphics: Enabled
Reboot into BIOS again and set:
  • Chipset > DVMT Pre-Allocated: 96M
  • Chipset > DVMT Total GFX Mem: 256M
Reboot one last time, you should be into a fully functioning Mojave install on your Hackintosh

Use Clover Configurator to set your computer’s serial number and UUID, almost all of this is detailed in instructions for setting up iMessage.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!
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Nov 7, 2018
Gigabyte Z370 HD3P
RX 580
iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro
Mobile Phone
Hey man, I used your build and it's pretty rock solid.

Only issue I encountered recently is when I updated the mobo firmware to F13 and then it just stopped booting in Mac OS. Rolling back to F8 Solve the issue.

Did you ever have that issue and if so how did you fix it?
May 27, 2018
Gigabyte Z370 HD3P
GTX 1070 SC
MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
Hi jaabdad

I have the exact same setup besides the graphic card. I am despairing since hours here. I would be very glad if you could share your EFI folder

Thanks in advance!