[SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

Several comments:
  • The DSDT you provided earlier already has RP09._INI changed to RP09.XINI. This is a good thing, but where is this change being done?
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  • The highlighted item in the screenshot below changes all _INI methods to XINI, so this particular rename should not be used.
  • But in the DSDT only the _INI method of RP09 has been changed to XINI, which is exactly what we want. Is there another ACPI rename that is doing this?
  • Your existing Thunderbolt SSDT is not needed when using the SSDT in my previous reply. Only one of these SSDTs can be used at a time, so in the OpenCore config.plist, simply disable the previous one.
  • After disabling (a) the previous SSDT and (b) the ACPI rename highlighted item below, reboot the system (but keep the SSDT from my previous post).View attachment 483350
  • Then please do the following:
    • Run IORegistryExplorer and grab a screenshot of the RP09 region. If you use the search box in IORegistryExplorer, be sure to click the "x" on the right side of that box after the search is done.
    • Also post a screenshot of System Information --> Thunderbolt.
Here you go. Thanks a lot!


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Here you go. Thanks a lot!
How is RP09 --> _INI being renamed to RP09 --> XINI? Can you post a screenshot of config.plist where this rename is happening?
How is RP09 --> _INI being renamed to RP09 --> XINI? Can you post a screenshot of config.plist where this rename is happening?
Turns out I had an unrelated Thunderbolt kext that might've been doing that. I did another DSDT dump, looks like the rename isn't happening anymore. It's _INI now.


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  • DSDT.aml
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@CaseySJ hate to wave you off a second time, but...I think I solved the problem with the iGPU.

After capturing video of the boot stop when iGPU was enabled in BIOS, it looked to me like a memory issue. I decided to update the EFI memory driver from the "Optional Extras" in the fresh Catalina install post, but that alone didn't solve the problem.

Next I went down an adventurous path of OcQuirks and memmap stuff. In the ocquirks.plist I made sure the following were "true":

  • AvoidRuntimeDefrag
  • DevirtualiseMmio
  • EnableSafeModeSlide
  • ProvideCustomSlide
  • RebuildAppleMemoryMap
And the following one was "false":
  • ProtectUefiServices
I rebooted, went in to BIOS and enabled iGPU. Booted off the MacHDD as per normal and here I am:

Now, however, I've lost my Behringer X-Air 18 as a sound interface. Something new to troubleshoot...
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I have set my disksleep to 10 on PMSET in terminal, however, whenever I'm downloading an update or something the computer goes to sleep in the middle of it causing issues. I do not believe this is the normal behavior on Macs... does anyone know what might be causing it? Could it be setting tcpkeepalive to 0? When I turn TCPKEEPALIVE to 1 though, my computer is constantly waking up still :(
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** Micro-Guide: Radeon Speed Boost **
for Vega 56/64, Radeon VII, RX 5500/XT, RX 5700/XT
Please do not quote this micro-guide in its entirely. Post a link instead.​
@CaseySJ I am completely blown away!! I updated my Hackintsoh with your OC 0.6.0 and everything has been ROCK STEADY since. Tonight, I added the RadeonBoost Kext and SSDT and the results with my Radeon VII are insane. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication.
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@CaseySJ @NCMacGuy
Hello friends, I will divide this into 2 posts ... One for a question, and one for a victory and share it!
In this one I need to ask you why the video proc application does not show me hardware acceleration, it only tells me N / A. I have a 4GB Radeon RX570 msi, and I notice that it works fine in premiere and video editing!


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