[SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

New issue (this happened with the Ryzentosh I had before replacing motherboard and CPU too): as soon as the screen saver comes up, the system freeze and I need to force reboot everything. This does not happen if I force the screen saver through the system preferences. Any suggestions?
I'm about to start my build with (tomorrow maybe friday) :
  1. i9 9900KS
  2. Z390 Designare
  3. 32gb 3200 TridentZ
  4. EVO 970 plus 500gb
  5. RX 5700 XT PowerColor (reference edition)
  6. PSU Corsair 1200HX

I already know that this CNVi card isnt compatible, but I would love to use the NGFF Key-E M.2 slot with a broadcom card that supports airdrop wifi bluetooth etc.. (I like to keep the project construction untouched)
Do you know any compatible M.2 slot card in mind as an indication?
Hello @arthurmelo88,

NGFF Key E M.2 WiFi/BT cards do not work on this system because it's a Socket 1 CNVi slot rather than a general-purpose M.2 slot. More specifically, although the Intel Z390 Chipset has on-board WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5, the analog and digital circuits of WiFi/Bluetooth are split. The Z390 Chipset itself contains only the digital circuit. So where is the analog circuit? It is located on the module that is plugged into the CNVi slot, and is therefore hard-wired to its digital counterpart on the Z390 Chipset. So the CNVi slot and the Z390 Chipset are two pieces of a puzzle that must come together for the Intel Wireless-AC 9560 to work.

Bottom line: That socket will only accommodate an Intel CNVi module. Because macOS has no Intel WiFi/BT drivers, nothing we plug into that socket will work. Ergo, Fenvi.

Which memory driver should I use to replace the OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000, since on another forum, there is a post saying that this driver could corrupt the mem or mobo and it is highly recommended not to use it (would be
FwRuntimeServices.efi and OcQuirks-4.efi the final solution for this motherboard?)
Yes, that's correct.

Last question, I can start from Catalina 10.15.1 for this build, or should I use 15.2?
Thanks in advance, this topic encouraged me to build this setup, I appreciate your patience and your dedication
You may start with either 10.15.1 or 10.15.2. Although I have not personally done a fresh installation with 10.15.2 (waiting for the weekend), others have been able to do it.

Good luck with the build and let us know how it goes! Be sure to check/update firmware on the Samsung 970 EVO Plus as mentioned in NOTE 5a at the top of Post #1.
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New issue (this happened with the Ryzentosh I had before replacing motherboard and CPU too): as soon as the screen saver comes up, the system freeze and I need to force reboot everything. This does not happen if I force the screen saver through the system preferences. Any suggestions?
I can check this later in the evening.

All: Is anyone experiencing Screen Saver issues?
It should not be related to your GPU.
  • Please post a screenshot of Clover Configurator --> Boot with your config.plist loaded. This will show the boot arguments currently in effect.
  • Which SMBIOS are you using? iMac19,1?

Thank you @CaseySJ for your help.

The beach ball issues are now gone after updating Lilu and Whatevergreen to the latest version (which were not available at the time that I upgraded to Catalina). This might be a coincidence as well though, I am just guessing. Happy that the issue is gone.

I'm using Macmini8,1. Is it safe to just change it to iMac19,1 and restart?
I'm using Macmini8,1. Is it safe to just change it to iMac19,1 and restart?
I was able to switch quite easily to iMac19,1 because I don't have a large set of individually licensed audio/video plugins. I made a full bootable backup first, then switched SMBIOS to iMac19,1 (including new serial numbers), copied the new Board Serial Number to the MLB field in RtVariables. Before rebooting, I logged out of iCloud, Messages, FaceTime, Google Backup and Sync, etc. Also ran iTunes/Music App to Deauthorize This Computer.

After rebooting, I was surprised that nearly all of my apps remained licensed. I had to transfer one license, however (for Audirvana).

So the biggest issue (or non-issue if you're lucky) will be to check whether all of your apps are still licensed.
Having followed the steps from this build. (I used post installation with Clover, and all post install files.) I now have a working system. Only thing is after shutdown, I get a verbose. When starting up my system I also get a verbose. Shortly after the starting verbose, I get the Apple logo with the progress bar. In Clover I disabled -v in bootargs. What could be the issue of these verbose? Thanks in advance.

Note: NVME Mounted EFI. Changed Plist deleted -v there. Works.
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Has anyone noticed a long startup time for "Activity Monitor" app? When I'm running on iMac19,1, the app takes about 5 bounces before it opens. When I switch to iMacPro1,1, the app opens immediately. Granted I'm on a different board (Z390 Aorus Pro), but curious if this is also happening on other systems and what could be causing it.

Because that Build Guide uses the version of CLOVER supplied with MultiBeast, the use of shikivga=60 was okay. Did the kernel panic occur with the supplied version of CLOVER or with a newer 5xxx?

There is the following, but I agree that the screenshot should be consistent with the earlier one.

View attachment 439971
Using version (newest on the site).

Btw. Hope my post didnt come off as rude. Just tryin to contribute. :)
Hi all,

Thanks for all the work with this. I was able to do a fresh install of 10.15.1 last week using the Catalina Mini-Guide.

I've gotten everything important working (sleep/wake, messages, etc, etc) but am having some issues with my LG 5K Ultrafine display.

I have the Z390 Designare and a Gigabyte RX Vega 64 OC connected via DP in to the motherboard then connected via the top Thunderbolt 3 port to the display. The display itself works fine and I'm getting the 4k upscaled to 5k that was mentioned in other posts.

The issue is that the built in camera is not appearing in the system and the audio is missing. Along with this, the brightness control on my magic keyboard doesn't work. If I boot into Windows first, then reboot to Catalina, these things work flawlessly. If the monitor loses power after this, I need to reboot in Windows to reenable these features. It's as if the USB functionality of the monitor is disabled. (no other devices connected through usb c on the monitor show up either)

Has anyone else run into issues like this? Any tips on debugging the root cause?
I got some new DRM testing results.

This time I'm using iMacPro1,1 with iGPU disabled in BIOS.

I tested shikigva=16/80 and with no shikigva unsuccessfully. I would either freeze or it wouldn't play.

I then gave shikigva=128 a try. This is with WEG 1.3.5, not prerelease 1.3.6.

Interesting results on either freezing or working perfectly.

I can play that offline iTunes trailer with DRM protection successfully. If I try to view DRM from Amazon Prime/Netflix/Amazon Prime Trailers, I instantly freeze. In fact, simply opening the Amazon Prime trailer page without clicking play, or signing into Netflix = instant death.

Except, there is a workaround to make everything work. I don't know if it breaks down over time or not, but every test I threw at worked in this condition.

If I open that iTunes trailer in QuickTime, and pause it, I can view everything without freezing. Everything works.
Apple TV+ show works. Amazon Prime trailers and shows work. Netflix works. I did it in Safari too. So I can just open that trailer and leave it paused.

I can close and reopen Safari and it still works. But if I close QuickTime (causing the trailer to no longer be loaded) and Safari, and then reopen Safari, we're back to instant death if anything does DRM in the browser.

I don't know if the WEG devs can exploit this in any way, but something about loading that trailer makes everything work when it would otherwise instanty freeze the Hackintosh.