[Success] - Formosa Motheboard-IPMMB-FM (HP Phoenix h9-1350) - NO DSDT

Oct 27, 2011
HP h9-1350
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[Guide] - Formosa Motherboard-IPMMB-FM (HP Phoenix h9-1350) - NO DSDT

HP Desktop with the Formosa Motherboard (UEFI/Legacy Bios)


* My "Beast" - HP Phoenix h9-1350 (Windows 8 pre-installed by manufacturer)
* Intel I7-3770 IVY bridge, 12 GB Ram, 2 TB + 750 GB + 16 GB(SSD) Hard Drives, Nvidia 650ti
* Mountain Lion installed and upgraded to 10.8.5 on a separate HD
* Win 8 Hard drive was wiped - Win 7 installed using MBR (Legacy Bios)
* No DSDT required - manual sleep works (DSDT - I made one anyway)
* SSDT required (boot flag "dart=0" is required too)
* Onboard sound (IDT 92HD73E) does not work OOB (I am using a USB Dongle)
* Ethernet works
* Mini PCI-E Slot available for Wi-Fi (My Wi-Fi/BT mini-card is not supported-BCM943228 HMB)
* Upgraded to a Nvidia 650TI Graphics card


Motherboard name: IPMMB-FM (Formosa)
Manufacturer: Pegatron
Form factor: uATX - 24.4 cm (9.6 inches) x 24.4 cm (9.6 inches)
Chipset: Intel Z75
Memory sockets: 4 x DDR3
Front side bus speeds: 5 GT/s (FM Direct Media Interface bus)
Processor socket: LGA 1155
Expansion Slots:
1 PCI Express x16 (Gen 3.0 for i5 and i7 Ivy Bridge processors, all others Gen 2.0)
3 PCI Express x1 (Gen 2.0)
1 PCI Express mini card
4 USB 2.0
2 USB 3.0
1 LAN (ethernet) - Atheros AR8161L (10/100/1000 Mb/s)
Intergrated Audio - Audio codec: IDT 92HD73E
For Sandy Bridge processors: Intel HD 2000 Graphics or Intel HD 3000 Graphics
For Ivy Bridge processors: Intel HD 2500 or Intel HD 4000 Graphics



* You can not boot Chameleon/Chimera without a MBR partition (because of the UEFI/Legacy Bios)
* Install using Legacy Bios (Keep your USB Stick/drive to boot if you do not have a Windows MBR partition)
* It is recommended to use integrated graphics (HD 3000/4000) for the installation
* SSDT required for IVY Bridge (unless you want to boot in safe mode)


(WIP) The Simple Guide:

1) Install ML (10.8.2 is what I am using) to your hard drive using the Unibeast/Multi-Beast Guide
(* use boot flags ----> -v, -f, -x, PCIRootUID=1)

2) Reboot (With Boot Flags) (-x is required until you create your SSDT)
----A) Back-Up your working build to another hard drive (SuperDuper, Carbon Copy Cloner)
----B) update (10.8.5) if necessary
* I can now install my 650ti on the next reboot
* the PCIRootUID=1 boot flag may no longer be needed

3) Back-Up your working build to another hard drive (SuperDuper, Carbon Copy Cloner)

4) Configure: Using Multi-Beast/Chameleon Wizard/Kext Wizard and a Guide by Toleda, et al.)
----A) Smbios (Mac-Mini 6,x or iMac 13,x) (Use one that works best for your processor)
----B) Kexts
a) Atheros - Shailua's ALXEthernet.kext
b) Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (this will delete NullCPUPowerManagement)
c) (Misc. kexts for your specific devices)
----C) Boot.plist (These flags are necessary for me)

<key>Kernel Flags</key>

5) Create: Using guides in this forum and other reliable sources (Mine are attached below)
----A) SSDT - (
----B) DSDT - (if you want - it can be patched)

6) Bootloader (has to be on another disk with a MBR partition scheme)
----A) Use a USB Bootloader disk
----B) Put your Bootloader on a Windows MBR partition (I added a Fat-32 partition to my Win 7 hard drive)
----C) Finalize boot flags in your Boot.plist (-x should not be needed/used, -f and -v are optional, etc....)

Update 1 (12/14/13)

1) Created and patched DSDT
2) Patched AGPM.kext for 650TI (added device ID - using this guide)
3) Things To Do
* Test USB 3 Ports
* Try a Wi-Fi replacement card (in the mini pci-e slot)
* Try different System Definitions

Update 2 (12/15/13) - Testing iMac 13,1 System Definition

** Macmini uses intergrated graphics and limits/hampers the use of dedicated graphics
** iMac profile limits speed-stepping of CPU (until now?)

1) Changed System Definition to iMac 13,1
2) Modified AGPM.kext (Changed device ID to my GPU - iMac 13,1)
3) Modified IOPlatformFamily.kext

the text in
Mac-00BE6ED71E35EB86.plist (iMac 13,1)
has been replaced with a copy of the text in
Mac-F65AE981FFA204ED.plist (Mac Mini 6,2)

A) All Video and the few games that I tested work without errors/freezing
B) 7 speedstep states achieved now instead of 2

Update 3 (1/17/14) - LPC & Sound

A) Patched LPC.kext so that it would load (Added device ID)
B) Using VoodooHDA v2.84 - (Added device ID to kext - have not had a kernel panic)
- Rear Ports Tested and Working OK (Out, Line In, Microphone)
- Front Ports Tested and Working OK (Headphone Jack)
* (Front Mic not working) (SPDIF-out available but not tested) (Surround Sound N/A and not tested)
C) Cheap USB Audio Dongle Working OK

:) Live Long and Prosper

***** DO IT AGAIN *****

Back-Up your working build to another hard drive (SuperDuper, Carbon Copy Cloner)


Oct 8, 2014
HP Pavilion HPE H8-1360t
i7 quad@3.4
Nvidia 970 Ti
Hey @pizzamac

I have a similar HP desktop, an h8. I was wondering if you've done any work to upgrade your hackintosh to high sierra? Can you post your EFI or CLOVER folder if you have it working?

I'm struggling to get my desktop to boot up the installer for high sierra using just the UniBeast method.