[SUCCESS FINALLY :D] p8p67 deluxe, i7 2600k, sapphire hd6870

Aug 19, 2011
p8p67 deluxe
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alrighty guys,

So I left the Hackintosh scene for quite a long time having given up on successfully installing OS X Lion to my custom made desktop. Recently I figured I would give it another shot especially after, ironically enough, purchasing a Macbook Pro for djing.

I spent so much time trying to figure why my DSDT installation of Lion installed perfectly but i couldn't run apps like Ableton and dvd player which are essential to me. Everytime I installed whether be be DSDT or Easybeast I would get those applications crashing which was very frustrating. This was back when Lion was first released and no threads seemed to be in existence discussing or mentioning the problem. I purchased the components I did because I thought everything would be very effortless and the install would require little to no alterations (which was almost entirely true).

On to the good stuff :D.........I knew previously that the problem lied within my graphics card not loading a framebuffer personality, and no matter what I tried in order to load a frame buffer in my .plist file failed so I gave up and installed windows. After recently coming back into Hackintosh world and therefore back to tonymac I started researching again and discovered lots people discussing the issue and I learned that my running of the kernel flag PCIRootUID=1 seemed to be the problem. So I removed that flag from my .plist file and substituted in AtiConfig and the AtiPorts flags instead but received a black screen. I continued researching and discovered that I may have use a DVI port instead of HDMI for something to be displayed on screen. So after swapping the connections on my 6870 from HDMI to DVI I once again saw a picture on the screen and my 6870 was now recognised as Radeon HD 6870 and not radeon 6xxx which was the problem.

DVD player and ableton started working immediately and I finally reached a successful installation with my machine :D

Steps tools and options used for my install:

1. I used the app store version of OS X Lion combined with the latest Lion Unibeast tool, followed the steps in the unibeast installer to create a bootable USB drive of OS X Lion.
2. Performed a clean install of OS X Lion on my HDD
3. Updated to 10.7.5 then ran multibeast for lion using a dsdt file I obtained from the dsdt database here on tonymac for my asus mono. The Options I selected in multi beast were as follows --- User dsdt, system utilities, miscellaneous kexts for nullcpumanagement, usb 3.0, I selected fakesmc and fakesmc utilties, chimera bootloader, and i'll upload my .plist for download.

The .plist file was the key ingredient for fully completing my successful install of OS X Lion.

In conclusion I would like to thank everyone here at tonymac from the admins to the community of users for providing me with the info necessary for completing my installation. If anyone has questions i'll do my best to answer. :)


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Jul 17, 2012
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Great to hear man :] Now... I just have to figure out why after updating to 10.7.5 my display once again went out, with no plist editing from 107.4, where everything worked perfectly.....

starting to think the ati6000kext i snatched from someone over on insanely-mac for their 6850 (which worked for me on 10.7.4...) might be the culprit. might try to replace it with the multibeast one or whatever. hopefully i don't totally manage to trash my machine, as it's been quite a while since delving into this code business ;)