[SUCCESS] DELL INSPIRON 7000 Mojave 10.14.5 Updated

Jun 10, 2018
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My First Post :) So happy to be a part of this community, it's a been a nerve racking journey for sure.

DELL INSPIRON 7000 2-IN-1 (7569):
Working fine! Updated from 10.14.2

When you're in the Clover Boot menu and choose the install option, it will go through the loading bar (showing you how much time is left for the install) and then it will restart. Just choose the install option again, and it will take you to the install screen. There it will say something like "45 minutes to install.." I had my computer shut down at this screen, all I did was just boot it up again and go to the install option in Clover, it worked fine then. So after it installs you should be able to select "boot from MacOS" in Clover.

- Backup using Carbon Copy Cloner + saved EFI files and Kexts to USB for extra safety
- Updater Clover
- Updated Kexts (Easily find the only ones you need to update using this tool)
- Keyboard and Trackpad stopped working, so just installed VooDoo Kext

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 3.05.15 PM.png