[Success] ASUS Prime Z370-A+i9-9900k Pro Audio Build

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I pulled this from an Asus x299 build by the retired @kgp. Ignore the ones I crossed out. Leave those to their defaults. Note: Hyperthreading should be Enabled. Sync All Cores should be disabled.

Not all of these settings will be in your bios but it's enough to get the picture.

1.) /AI Tweaker/
a.) ASUS MultiCore Enhancement: Auto
b.) AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset: "3"
c.) AVX-512 Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset: "2"
d.) CPU Core Ratio: Sync All Cores
e.) CPU SVID Support: Enabled
f.) DRAM Frequency: e.g. DDR4-3200MHz

2.) /Advanced/CPU Configuration/
a.) Hyper Threading [ALL]: Enabled
b.) MSR Lock Control:Disabled

3.) /Advanced/CPU Configuration/CPU Power Management Configuration/
a.) Enhanced Intel Speed Step Technology (EIST):Enabled
b.) Autonomous Core C-States: Enabled
c.) Enhanced Halt State (C1E):Enabled
d.) CPU C6 report: Enabled
e.) Package C-State: C6(non retention) state
f.) Intel SpeedShift Technology:Enabled
g.) MFC Mode Override: OS Native

4.) /Advanced/Platform Misc Configuration/
a.) PCI Express Native Power Management: Disabled
b.) PCH DMI ASPM: Disabled
d.) ASPM: Disabled
e.) DMI Link ASPM Control: Disabled
f.) PEG - ASMP: Disabled

5.) /Advanced/System Agent Configuration/
a.) Intel VT for Directed I/O (VT-d): Disabled/Enabled

6.) /Boot/
a.) Fast Boot: Disabled
b.) Above 4G Decoding: Off (must be ON with Prime X299 Deluxe BIOS firmware 1603 and 1704 and WS X299 Sage 10G BIOS firmware 0905 in case of GPU firmware load and XHCI ACPI implementation issues. When employing WS X299 Sage 10G BIOS firmware 0905 and enabling Above 4G Decoding in the respective BIOS settings as required, "First VGA 4G Decode" must be set to "Auto", as both Windows 10 and macOS can become irresponsive with different "First VGA 4G Decode" settings.
c.) Set your specific Boot Option Priorities

7.) /Boot/Boot Configuration
a.) Boot Logo Display: Auto
b.) Boot up NumLock State: Disabled
c.) Setup Mode: Advanced

8.) /Boot/Compatibility Support Module/
a.) Launch CSM: Disabled

9.) /Boot/Secure Boot/
a.) OS Type: Other OS
Hi @NorthAmTransAm, thanks a lot for the guide!

Was wondering if you switched completely to OpenCore and your experience, I'm rebuilding the system with identical specs as you and might as well switch to OpenCore and use your config.

Also, only because of this guide I found out about an iMac with i7 8700, right now I'm on 18,3, same as you were! Did you notice any changes in CPU management?
You're welcome @kolyasapphire! Glad you dig it. I've made the full switch. My back up boot drive is even an OpenCore booter. I do keep a copy of my working Clover Config on Dropbox as a safety net.

First, may I suggest getting the Rev 2 version of the Z370-A Prime. It's pretty much all the same but can handle a 9900K and likely more in the future for the socket type. Mine can handle a 9900 non K or not overclocked 9900K. Just a thought! Though I see you have a Z390 Des in your signature. Switching boards or a new build? The built in TB3 is a plus on the Z390 Designware!

I've got CPU management handled by XCPM.aml and GPU by dAGPM.kext. Also I'm realizing as I type this that you probably do too and were simply wondering if it performs the same but there's a point to stress here. OpenCore is suppose to be ran without using Name Change Patches or at least as few as possible. This made me tear through my setup and realize how many outdated or useless patches I had. I slimmed it WAY down. That's the goal anyways right? To be as functional as possible with the least amount of patching. I have zero patches.

That being said, I love it and you're welcome to what I've learned about it so far. I've attached my OC EFI already if you want to look through the config file. Also read away!
Still stuck in +++++++++

To narrow things down a little bit can you remove these two ACPI Patches: SSDT-DTPG.aml and SSDT-Z370-TB3HP.aml

What OS are you running?
To narrow things down a little bit can you remove these two ACPI Patches: SSDT-DTPG.aml and SSDT-Z370-TB3HP.aml

What OS are you running?
Thank you!
Still stuck in +++++++++


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