[Success] ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX + TB3 + iGPU + Mojave + SFF Build

Great to see you got it working!

I don’t watch Netflix/Apple TV/etc from my hackintosh, so I’m content with the kext.

Have you tried any DRM content?
Thanks! Yeah - Apple TV works, Amazon Prime and Netflix both work in Chrome and Firefox. Neither work in Safari (Safari asked to install Silverlight for Netflix, which I didn't do, and it was just unsupported in Prime).

One thing that I'm fairly disappointed with is just how hot and noisy the card runs under Windows in pretty regular games, or even just the Time Spy benchmark. 70° main temp and 110° hotspot/junction, even with an open case...

EDIT- Turns out the card was the issue - I exchanged it for an another identical 6950xt and it works far better + cooler. Hotspot temps hover around 90°. The first reference card I had probably just had poorly applied thermal pads or something.
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Just updated to 13.4 and OC 0.9.3.
Just updated to 13.5 without issue, still on OC 0.9.2.
Thanks all on update news. Reassuring and much appreciated.
Now on Ventura 13.5 using OC 0.9.4 as of today (and updated the usual suspect of kexts in OC Configurator).
Updated BIOS from 4.00 to 4.40 without issue. (I did this because cold boots cause all BIOS settings to be lost, so now I suspect a dead CMOS battery, and also to prep for possibly trying the Thunderbolt procedure from earlier in this thread sometime.)

EDIT: And updated to 13.5.1 without issue as well
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Now on 13.5.2 without issues.
Updated to 13.6 just fine - waiting on Sonoma for a bit, to properly back things up beforehand.
Updated to 13.6 just fine - waiting on Sonoma for a bit, to properly back things up beforehand.
Same here. Now on 13.6 and OC 0.9.5. I am avoiding Sonoma until a better Broadcom (Fenvi T919) working solution is available. If not, my setup is just fine where it is.