Stuck loading the insaller

Jul 25, 2012
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH
i7 3770K
HD 4000
iMac, MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
I followed a guide to make a USB drive using clover and when i try and boot the installer I get the following
My specs
- i7 770
- asrock h110m
- onboard graphics - hdmi
- 8gb ram in the slot closest to the motherboard

  • Please note you have a typo on your listed CPU Model.
  • Please add your hardware to your Build Signature to make them available through out the troubleshoot to help readers of your post know about the hardware to correlate with problems.
  • If you don't list them to your Build Signature, readers will have to scroll back to this #1 to find and many may not be interested to doing that.
  • To get faster help, you are better off listing the MoBo+Correct CPU + and its Intel HD 630 to your Build Signature .
  • Your Verbose boot screen is showing a Graphics hang [See edited verbose screen shot for annotations]
  • To find the underlying cause for this Graphic related freeze, please provide the following:
  • The Graphics related choices in BIOS. Since the BIOS menu designation varies with the MoBO Manufacturers, and I have not used ASRock MoBo in any of my builds, I cannot give you the exact BIOS Menu labels you should look for.
    • In Gigabyte Boards the equivalents are Peripherals_Initial First Display + Chipset: DVMT-Preallocated
  • How have you connected your Intel HD Graphics to your Monitor (video Cable used)?
  • Upload Compressed CLOVER (zip) from macOS Mojave USB Installer. >For steps : #18