Starter Questions on Build? FCPX Advise?

Jul 19, 2011
Classic Mac
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I have built a few hackintoshes before but never got too deep. Just stuck with the main builds. I was curious, about the difference between ATX and mATX? Could I build an ATX mobo build in a mATX case? Would it fit a big graphics card? Could I use an mATX or ITX mobo build or would there be a big difference between that and a ATX build? Is there any alternative motherboards that have thunderbolt ports anyone would recommend?

I'm building this for mostly use with Final Cut Pro X. I have been using FCPX on a 2013 27" iMac with 24gb ram, i5 cpu, SSD, and editing off a thunderbolt raid. But FCPX still hiccups and stutters playback constantly. It's extremely annoying so I was curious if a Hackintosh super build and overclocked would get rid of the hiccups and stutters? Does anyone have any experience with FCPX and hackintoshes vs actual macs? Thank you!!