[Solved] NVME Error CSTS=0x3

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The issue is likely your Intel 660P. You could try installing NVMEfix.kext to see if it helps >

I actually had tried NVMEfix.kext when I was still using the 660p.
Then I switched to a WD SN750 and the same problems ended up appearing.

Just yesterday I'd "had it" and switched to a new 2TB SATA SSD -- much less speed of course, but solid as a rock so far. I was having so many NVMe oddities that it started to make me wonder if my MoBo had an issue perhaps honestly.

Thx for the reply.
I wish I could have figured it out, but I was going insane and trying everything and ultimately just had to quit on that and go to a SATA SSD and just be "happy" and stable for the first time in a while.
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