[Solved] macOS Sierra - SSD SanDisk Ultra II - Low speed

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Nov 6, 2015
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Link for the SSD I have:
Hackintosh version: macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (iMac 27-inch, late 2013)

Hi there, I am using this SSD for a while now with hackintosh. The problem is, on official websites of the SSD, they are saying the speed should be up to 500mb/s, but it's only arround 100 when using stress-test programs.

Here are my actual results:

My question is: Is this enough speed for SSD of this type? I have TRIM enabled through this:


...please tell me what should I do better, or if it's okay like this. Thanks.
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Can you check the Trim Support information from;
System Information -> Sata/Sata EXPRESS -> {The disk you use} -> TRIM Support.
Like this:
Can you check the Trim Support information from;
System Information -> Sata/Sata EXPRESS -> {The disk you use} -> TRIM Support.
Like this:
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It says:

TRIM Support: No

I thought all SSD disks support this. What can I do about it then? Thank you!

EDIT: I found this on their official website:
TRIM in MAC OS: MAC operating systems disable TRIM by default. If TRIM is disabled you may see write performance degrade as the SSD is used. SanDisk does not offer a tool that will enable TRIM in the MAC OS however there are third party tools available that will enable TRIM in MAC OS. Third party TRIM tools may not be supported in MAC OS Yosemite however we would recommend checking with the tool developer for future updates that may support OS 10.10

I tried that one program I mentioned above, but apperently it doesn't working. Do you know (or everybody else) know about some working for latest macOS and SanDisk? Thanks a lot!
Sorry for bothering you all, this is finally what fixed it:
Open your config.plist in Clover Configurator :
Select Kernel and Kext Patches

In KextsToPatch :
Name = IOAHCIBlockStorage
Find = 004150504C452053534400
Replace = 0000000000000000000000
Comment = Trim Patch

Have a nice day and thank you for help!
What's your SSD, and speed you have tested on your mac?
For what it's worth, I ended up returning my Sandisk SSD Plus and put in a PNY ($29 at best buy right now) CS900. I didn't do anything different and went from double digit read and write to triple digit read and write. With the SSD Plus I was getting beachballs left and right. PNY seems to be much smoother and haven't seen one beachball /pinwheel.
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