[Solved] It's my birthday! Please NVME help!!

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Mar 1, 2017
Gigabyte Z170X gaming 7
i7 6700K 4.0 ghz
2x XFX 280x OC edition
So I have literally spent 3 days attempting to setup my new computer. I modeled my build after all recommended hardware. But fyi:
Gigabyte z170x gaming 7
i7 6700k
48GB ripjaws ram
960 evo
850 evo
2x crucial m4 ssd
seagate 3tb
2x xfx 280x oc edition

As you can probably already tell, my biggest problem is i'm trying to install on the nvme 960 evo (m.2)
No matter how many guides I've followed on this forum and beyond, I JUST CAN'T DO IT :(
I've tried using MaciASL. No clear guides out there, but I've followed along. I've made more kexts than I ever will in a second lifetime. I just need help. I can't believe someone hasn't been able to make a noob version of this process. Please help. I'm trying really hard but can't figure it out. Everytime I generate a new dsdt its kernel panic city. help?!?
I don't want to rewrite an entire guide because there are many here that go into great detail. I simply want to fill in a noob gap for others like myself... a noob.
To install, when using AMD gpu (I used xfx r9 280x), it is imperative that you pull out the gpu until you are finished with the entire osx setup process through multibeast. That means make sure the BIOS is set to boot with onboard graphics first. Once finished, install your gpu and it should work out of box. Be aware that you will not see any boot up info. It will go all the way through and turn on your monitor at the osx sign in screen. If you do not install without the gpu installed, 2nd boot and onward will always hang somewhere during boot up (usually halfway).
Make sure you replace your config.plist in clover with the one found in Stork's
ASUS MAXIMUS VIII GENE - i5-6600K - Gigabyte GTX 950

Then eject and boot with your usb. That config.plist should make it possible for disk utility to recognize your nvme and then install.
When you finish installing (after Multibeast), follow directions to correctly execute the spoof NVME trick by RehabMan
This will allow you to permanently be able to boot up into your nvme without the usb. I followed the directions in Stork's build referenced above and patched using RehabMan's guide.
It was very easy at this point. Please note: if you use a 960Evo, you must follow instructions as dictated by RehabMan.
If you're still confused, let me know. I will try and help as long as I can still remember everything I did. I can't express the level of satisfaction I have completing my first Hackintosh.
Happy Building!!
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