[Solved] Can't boot Sierra without USB

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Oct 5, 2013
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I have found that the reason this happens is because motherboard manufacturers were sloppy when coding their EFI implementations in their BIOS. This causes certain boards 67/77 chipsets by certain manufacturers (everyone except gigabyte for 77 chipsets it seems) to fail to boot the bootx64.efi located in the fallback location on the ESP. So while the disk is bootable, the UEFI bios is not scanning and finding the executable that boots the disk.

One workaround is to add a boot option to your nvram as others have mentioned using the UEFI shell from a working USB Clover installation and using the 'bcfg boot add' command.

Another workaround as others have mentioned is to just use legacy mode, but this precludes 2TB+ disks I believe and muddies things if you want to use UEFI for multibooting other OSes like Windows or Linux.

It would be helpful if the Installation Guide mentioned this could happen.
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