Solve problems with audio/imessage/bluetooth

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Apr 5, 2018
i7-6700K 4GHz
GTX 1060 V328-001R 6GB GDDR5
Mobile Phone
  1. iOS
Hello I am pretty new to this hackingtosh thing but today I tried again after years to accomplish it.
I was pretty successfull and the system (Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.6) is running pretty good.

But there are some problems and I hope you can help me solve it. After booting with the stick bluetooth and ethernet were working fine. After I started multibeast to install the bootloader the ethernet stopped working and my bluetooth does not find my iphone or the magic mouse 2 anymore.
I installed "IntelMausiEthernet v. 2.4.0" and after a reboot the internet is working. But my bluetooth is still broken. It seems to be active but it does not appear or find any other device. What do I have to install to make it work again?

//Bluetooth is solved. I ordered a usb Bluetooth dongle which is supported out of the box.

Also my sound did not work from the beginning. I am using a big display with sound over hdmi, I would love to see it working again. But with the vodoo 2.9.0d10 I got only my external boxes running with mono. I hope someone can help me. I just do not know which driver/kext I have to install to make it work.

Finally I would love to see imessage working but the solutions I tried today did not help me :( Hope some of you can help.

My hardware is listed in my profile.
To create a bootstick I used unibeast and to install a bootloader I used the newest version of Multibeast.

Greeting Shazyzang
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