Solution to enable Apple Cinema Display to receive 2560x1600 Resolution

Mar 17, 2019
Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming
Vega Frontier Edition
Mac Pro

I have just built a new Hackintosh, I built it in a 2007 Mac Pro Case, I also had a 30" Apple Cinema Display that I planned to use it with my new Hackintosh, after everything was finished, I hooked up to my monitor, and realized that it showed 1280 x 800 so I tried to change it, strangely there was no other option to select, I dig into internet hoping to find a solution the only thing that I find to press the option key to reveal more resolutions which it did but all the resolutions it showed was even bigger, anyway, then I thought it was a problem with my Hackintosh maybe there was a resolution problem, so to test this I hooked it up to my living room TV and saw that it could display hi resolution there, then I read the internet about 30" Cinema Display find out that it was a "Dual link DVI" and needed an active adapter, purchased a cheap one that did not even lit up the display,looked at Apple, find out that they have "Mini Display Port to Dual-Link DVI Adapter" so I shop around to find a cheap one which I did purchased it but the end was thunderbolt so I also purchased "female thunderbolt to Display port" cable hooked them up and now I am able to receive 2560 X 1600, just wanted to share if someone needs this information.