Sleep mode and Continuity Camera/Airdrop issues on Mojave 10.14.5

Jun 25, 2019
GTX 960

I'm new to hackintosh. I built a Windows desktop in 2016 and just made the jump recently in trying to make a dual boot Windows 10 / macOS Mojave, using a spare hdd to install macOS. After some trial and error, I finally got my hackintosh working pretty much all out of the box, using unibeast and multibeast. So, thanks very much for the great tools you make here!

By reading in the forum, I know I have some incompatible components:

1. EVGA GTX 960 (no web driver for Mojave), so I'm using the IGFX HD 530 as my primary graphic card (configured in BIOS), which works great with HDMI audio. Didn't have to modify any setting after Multibeast.

Only issue is with sleep. The computer goes to sleep but I get a black screen when trying to wake it up. The tower power light is on and I can hear something kicking in inside (power fan?), but no display at all. So I have to manually turn off and restart. I really looked through the forum for answers, but couldn't find a fix. Is there any way to get the sleep mode and wake up to work correctly? or do I have to turn off the computer sleep or display sleep (or both) in the Energy Saver settings to prevent it going into sleep?

2. Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I Rev 4.2 card for wifi/bluetooth (based on Intel 8260), but I actually connect the Hackintosh with ethernet cable. Surprisingly bluetooth works great out of the box. I paired my iPhone and my Powerbeats with the Hackintosh without issues.

I can listen to anything on the Powerbeats, but the iPhone doesn't let me use the Continuity Camera or AirDrop features. I read that they require both bluetooth and wifi to work, which is weird since my Hackintosh is already on the same network than my iPhone but using ethernet instead of wifi... So, just want to confirm if there is any work around to have Continuity Camera and AirDrop working with bluetooth/ethernet?
If no, can I just buy a compatible wifi card with no bluetooth such as the Fenvi FV-AC1900 (or one you recommend me), or should I go directly with a bluetooth/wifi card such as this one or any recommendation?

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