Sleep - General Troubleshooting Tips

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i'm sorry but i couldn't bring myself to read 15 pages on sleep but i have to ask "Why is it so important?" So many builds have ssd's or super efficient systems, couldn't we either just shut them off or leave them on? I'm just trying to understand my fellow hack friends and family :wave:
I have F9 bios and DSDT to suit, darkwake = 1
My system goes to sleep and wakes up OK form left mouse click, however if I wake it from the keyboard I have to replug it.
I followed advice from another post and replaced the Lynx2Mac with the Realtek original.
Also found that if Chrome is active the system wont software sleep but works OK if Sleep is selected from Menu.

We are testing a DSDT mod inspired by one of the Forum members for the USB wake up problem. Please stand by.
I'm on 10.7.3 and can't get the hack to "fully" sleep or wake up. When I tell it to sleep via the Apple menu, the fans spin UP, the monitors go in to standby, as well the lights on the keyboard & mouse go out. I can't wake it back up, when I click the mouse, the light turns back on but the fans are still spinning loudly and the screens are off, as well when I try the power button nothing responds.

I don't have a DSDT, I have an intel mobo and the BIOS is set to the S3 state for sleep. I do not have the nullpowermanagement.kext, when I tried the updated sleepenabler.kext for 10.7.3 I got a kernel panic in AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.

I read in this thread that removing the Generate C & P states from the kernel flags may help, I have done this and didn't have any change. (In CPU temp, speed, fan activity or sleep functionality).

As an aside note, when I go to Shutdown the hack, it stays on for about a minute and then it will just restart, I'm not sure if these issues are related. Any help would be much appreciated.
It seems like there is a bug which keeps OS X from sleeping when google Chrome is running. This seems to be a long standing issue at least one year old, judging by various message board posts. I am now using this free tool as a workaround:

It is very configurable and I set it to go to sleep even if chrome is open and let the system handle the rest.
Stork said:

We are testing a DSDT mod inspired by one of the Forum members for the USB wake up problem. Please stand by.

Sounds interesting! :D

I have only a small USB problem so maybe this will help. With my Z68AP F1 board the system will go to sleep if left and a simple press of the Shift-key will awaken it... However once up and running the genuine Mac USB keyboard is no longer connected and I have to unplug-plug it to get it back... Curious, eh?

(Using the proper DSDT aml file for my board/BIOS etc)

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