[SKYLAKE GUIDE] El Capitan 10.11.4, GA B150M D3H, i5 6500, GTX960

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Oct 12, 2015
GA B150M D3H
i5 6500
Nvidia GTX960
Mobile Phone
  1. Android
You should have some basic knowledge to use this guide. :rolleyes:

CPU: i5 6500
Cooler: CoolerMaster Hyper T4
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 960 4G
Mobo: Gigabyte B150M D3H
PSU: CoolerMaster G450M
Case: CoolerMaster N200
SSD: SanDisk Plus 120GB
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB

BIOS Settings
1. Enter with DEL key
2. Load Optimized Defaults (F7)
3. Settings
Secure Boot Mode disabled
Fast boot disabled
XHCI Hand-Off enabled
Serial Port disabled
VT-d disabled

1. Insert your 10.11.4 USB-Flashdrive in a USB2.0 Panel
2. Boot from USB Stick (F12)
2,5. Bootflag
3. Disk Utility / Format your Installation Drive
4. Select your drive and start the installation
5. Boot from Stick again after restart and enter boot flag
6. Multibeast Installation

Screenshot at Mai 16 17-55-45.png

7. Install
8. Clover
- Mount and select EFI / CLOVER / config.plist
Select under boot nv_disable=1 + XMPDetection=Yes
Close and save
9. Shut down and unplug the USB
10. You should now be able to boot into OSX

Nvidia Web Driver
After installing with these steps download and install Nvidia Webdrivers for 10.11.4. (Google is your friend)
Now start Clover again and select your config.plist and go to boot. Deselect nv_disabe=1 and select nvda_drv=1. If you want to boot directly into OSX put the timeout to 0. Save/Exit Clover and enjoy.

What works:
- USB 3.0
- 9xx Graphics Card
- Ethernet
- Sound (Front Panel)
- iTunes, Appstore, iMessage

What does not work:
- Thunderbolt
- HDMI Audio (without VoodooHDA)
- Sleepmode


Screenshot at Mai 16 21-25-04.png



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    Screenshot at Mai 16 18-15-07.png
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your motheboard uses DDr4 ou DDR3 ram? i want to get the same setup but with dd3 memory. would it matter?
Mann very thanks! The part of clover save me...

before my bios was crazy and could not give the boot . Now go straight on sandisk ssd 120gb .
It seems that the system has a stabilized . It was full of problems before I follow in his footsteps .
But my screen before the clover was correct 1920x1080 . Now this going to 1440x900 . I can not change in the system preferences . Do you know how to reverse ?

Thank you in advance .
... I'm fixed the resolution of display.
And some places like google chrome is giving a strange video errors and not to use the ...
Someone had video problems with this mobo ?
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