Simplest Mac OS X Installation Guide


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Nov 17, 2009
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Here, in the simplest of terms, is the method for retail Mac OS X installation using iBoot, UniBeast, and MultiBeast without access to a Mac. If you have access to a Mac, use the default UniBeast guide on it's own.

1. Purchase Snow Leopard Retail DVD
2. Use iBoot + MultiBeast to install Snow Leopard
3. Update to Snow Leopard 10.6.8
4. Purchase OS X Application
5. Prepare UniBeast USB Installation Drive
6. Fresh install OS X
7. Post installation using MultiBeast

Hope this helps. :thumbup:

iBoot 10.6 Guide ... -x-on.html
UniBeast 10.7 Guide ... using.html
UniBeast 10.8 Guide
UniBeast 10.9 Guide
UniBeast 10.10 Guide
UniBeast 10.11 Guide
tonymacx86 Downloads: downloads
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Thanks for this MacMan! Of course, this works great (if used correctly). I've use this post to make my Snow Leopard installation work too. This looks like a lot of stuff, but the whole process only takes about 2 hours. 3 if you include putting the parts together to build your system.

Here's how:

* Purchase Snow Leopard upgrade DVD as per instructions above or here: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Apple Store (U.S.)

* Download appropriate DSDT file for motherboard & save to USB Flash drive (I used a 4GB).

* Download iBoot & burn to CD/DVD.

* Download SL 10.6.8 Combo Update from Apple, here: Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1

& save to USB Flash drive with your DSDT.

* Download Multibeast for Snow Leopard & save to USB Flash drive.

* Build system as per instructions with 1.5TB HDD installed (you'll have to slice it up once you get to the installation).

* Boot with iBoot

* Use Disk Utility to slice 1.5TB drive at 600GB boot partition, named "Snow Leopard HD" & the other 900GB partition named "Extra"

* Install Snow Leopard as per 'regular' instructions.

* When "done" have boot0 error, so remove this HD for now...

* Install another 500GB HDD (could use a drive as small as 20GB as long as it's SATA or Solid State) & install SL exactly the same way on this drive, EXCEPT make only 1 partition as per TonyMacx86's original instructions.

** NOTE ** I suggest that you name the partition something simple, like "Mac HD" & NOT the same thing you named your other boot partition.

* Once THIS drive is built, you will NOT have the boot0 error, unless they change the architecture on the smaller drives too.

* Put leave the smaller (good) drive in the system & put the bigger (not booting) drive in with it. If your drive is 6GB/S drive, you can now move it to the white SATA controller port too.

* Boot the system (to the only drive that works).

* Once your system is up, open Drive Utility. Unmount the the first drive you built with the boot0 error, the "not booting" drive, that's named "Snow Leopard HD".

* Open a Terminal window. I suggest you take a moment to understand what you're going to do next.

First, you will not be able to use MacMan's command unless you can su to root first. Since you probably don't know what that means, you can't use the command.

You need to use "sudo" to make the command work. I suggest you take a couple of minutes to get the info on "sudo", by typing (yup, you guessed it!!) "info sudo" in the terminal window. You can arrow down to go down the page & press "q" to "quit" & get out of info. Using "sudo" is sort of like "assuming the identity of root" from now on.

In the Terminal window once you type 'sudo' & the command, you'll have to enter your password to execute the command. Also, in OSX from there on out YOU ARE root too, so any other commands you type can be dangerous. You only have to type sudo once!! So if you mess up the command that MacMan has graciously given us, you don't have to type 'sudo' again.

* Take a deep breath. Take a shot of Tequila. OK. You're ready...

The drive you booted from is named "Snow Leopard HD". The drive you didn't boot from is named "Mac HD". So, the command is :

sudo dd if=/Volumes/Mac\ HD/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2

*** But Wait *** Don't type that command!! Copy it & Paste it!! That away you'll be sure to get it right. YES, Terminal WILL let you copy & paste (of course, one is no good without the other). So, copy this whole post & put it in a Text File & put THAT on your USB Flash drive too.

* OK. That wasn't too bad. If you saw some messages that said you messed up, you need to press the "UP" arrow to bring your last command back & then modify the command. You probably messed up the "Mac\ HD" thing. Make sure to take the "sudo" off the front of the command though.

* If you didn't see a message that said you messed up, then you were successful.

* Shut down your system. Remove the smaller drive & boot up your new Snow Leopard Installation!!!

***** Good Luck ***** Thanks MacMan & Tonymacx86 ***** Consider making a donation to keep this site working
The snow leopard retail dvd is no longer available for purchase.. what to do?
The snow leopard retail dvd is no longer available for purchase.. what to do?

i see several new items in retail packaging on ebay and amazon. Apple has all new retail os' off the appstore... idk why.
Snow leo loads on anything upto 10.6.7 update i have had problems on laptops and brought pcs like hp, dell, etc if you have this type of rig then get it running on 10.6.8 first as it dont cost a penny to apart from down load time. Saying this as if you cant run 10.6.8 you have slim chance of lion or above to work. Just a thought to u all custom built go 10.6.6 then buy newer osx ,but factory made pc/laptops of a certian age go 10.6.8 as if it wont run the last update 10.6.8 its not goin to like 10.7 or 10.8 keep your money in your pockets a bit longer and be sure your rig is compatable .
Article: Simplest Mac OS X Installation Guide

i see several new items in retail packaging on ebay and amazon. Apple has all new retail os' off the appstore... idk why.

Phone Apple sales, they're still shipping SL if asked for but only via phone.
sorry but iBoot doesn't work on my PC:
Asus P5B Plus Socket 775
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2,33 Ghz
Soundmax Integrated Digital HD Audio
NVidia GForce9500GT
PCI-card 4 x USB
internal card-reader (SD, CF …)

There is no BIOS-Setting for AHCI and HPET (I suppose because the board is older).
I have taken 2 of the 4 stripes of ram out of the PC so that there are 4GB.

Any idea or have I to work further on with Win7 64bit :(

Uhm... your computer seems a bit dated? Thinking about upgrading/buying a new one? A new computer isn't that expensive now-a-days.