Safe Mode - First Boot Only

Dec 18, 2012
GeForce 555m
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hi all,

I've been reading through forum posts for a couple of days now and haven't come across anything like the problem I'm having (cue someone linking directly to a forum post with what I need...)

I can successfully install Mountain Lion via UniBeast using the bootflags "GraphicsEnabler=No" and "-x" for both the install and the initial boot after the install (where I enter language, time zone, username, etc.). Rebooting after that I can only access the OS if I add the -v bootflag - but verbose mode shows no errors. Occasionally I will get to the login screen but be unable to use the mouse/kb. Booting without the -v bootflag results in the grey Apple loading screen and then a blank screen. This happens even if I restart immediately after a fresh install without changing anything.

I'm installing on a laptop with a Clevo W150HRM board and an GeForce GT555m / Intel HD4000 via Optimus.

My thought is this is a graphics problem. I had similar issues in the past with snow leopard but am now installing straight to Mountain Lion. I'm not sure what to do next. I have been unable to boot outside of safemode.

I understand there are major problems with optimus and hackintoshing. What steps should I take to get my hackintosh to boot without the -x and -v bootflags every time?

Also, let me know if I need to attach/include any additional information to help solve the problem.