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Jun 13, 2017
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I got a Ryzen 5 4600G AMD Radeon Graphics APU from MicroCenter! — AmazonNeweggMicro Center
Wait... what!?. I'm still waiting for confirmation from Nootinc to see if I have full acceleration with AMD Radeon Graphics, but so far so good. There have been some glitches and it struggles under load, NootedRed is very much a work in progress and shouldn't be used as a daily driver at the moment. I haven't seen anything to suggest it's not worth following, I'm impressed.

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I read that a clean installation using NootedRed isn't advisable yet, if you have a spare installation of Ventura on another drive I suggest using that, we're going to concentrate on the EFI. I paired my 4600G with a ASUS Prime A320I-K motherboard which has a HDMI and DP port, I'm connected to a Hp 27f monitor via DP to HDMI cable.

BIOS settings to be aware of for NootedRed, minimum VRAM is 512MB, 1 GB is recommended I had 4 GB available
for the UMA Frame Buffer and selected it. The other is to disable CSM or Legacy mode.


We want to make sure everything is up to date in our EFI, your first visit should be the AMD-OSX AMD_Vanilla GitHub page and download the latest patches. I use ProperTree to edit my plist, but you can use whatever you're comfortable with. Open the downloaded plist, select 'Patch' and copy. Now open your working EF, navigate to the Kernel section and paste, the new patches will now be in your EFI!. Remember to enter your CPU core count, not the thread count.

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If you're using RestrictEvents in your EFI like me then add 'revblock=media' to your boot args, I noticed improved visual performance in Ventura.

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Now we want the NootedRed.kext to add to our EFI, you can download from the link below, click actions and click the latest available version, on the next page click on Artifacts to download. Inside the folder you will see the NootedRed.kext which you can copy to your EFI folder. Now you can remove the WhateverGreen.kext or just disable it. Your EFI is now ready.

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Is there anywhere that lists exactly which APUs work? TIA.
Is there anywhere that lists exactly which APUs work? TIA.
Not that I’ve seen, most successes are being reported with hp laptops and ‘U’ series, @Edhawk has a better idea on which ones. Desktop wise, I heard rumors of 3000 series working and now 4000, 5000 support is in progress.
I haven't been keeping a tally of which systems are working or not. Owners of AMD HP laptops do tend to be the most frequent Users to ask for help over at AMD OS X.

It is hard to keep a tally because the Users I have been helping tend to stop posting once they have the system booting macOS. They don't bother to tell me or anyone else what worked.
We should keep a list of successful APU’s, I see more 4000 series than most.
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Phew!, got it working again. Not sure what happened but I did unplug the NVMe and look at it from my M1 MBA, I just replaced the EFI with a fresh copy, updated in HackinDROM and we're back. Ventura 13.4.1 on Radeon Graphics!, it's not without its issues though, at the moment it's Safari crashing. But even so you wouldn't think this is unusable, transitions, screen savers, docks and windows don't look or react any different to UHD 630. I have noticed more depth and vibrancy in the colors especially noticeable with the 'hello' screensaver. Benches seem a bit low in GB6, Metal score is lower than a RX 560 plugged into a M.2 E key. I also had to stop a Cinebench run because things were starting to get a little hot, at 90 I cut it. I did notice though, the 320 motherboard didn't feel restricted with the 4600G, pulling 4.1 GHz in multithreaded tasks, better than the 5700X!.

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I think I found out why the disk would corrupt and fail to load, as reported on AMD/OSX. Attempting to change the Device Property for Graphics in 'About This Mac' results in no boot for you. Fortunately, I just replaced the EFI with a fresh copy. To display the processor name don't forget to add a value to Processor Type in the EFI, 1537 for 6 core and below, 3831 for 8 core and above.

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
    <string>VGA compatible controller</string>

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A couple of ways to check if acceleration is working in Ventura. The dock should be transparent or appear like frosted glass, it's the same for the 'About This Mac' window. Check that VRAM displays the amount assigned to it in BIOS, in my case I gave it 4GB. I haven't got Apple TV to play anything yet, I just seem to get a black screen, at least it's not green anymore!, could simply be a boot-arg fix.

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