RX 580 FCPX video rendering issues

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I am having trouble with my Hackintosh build for Final Cut. I have a Gigabit Z270M-D3H with a 7700K and 16gigs DDR4 I had it up and running with the onboard video. and was working well and would render well but was very slow. So I decided to go with a Radeon RX 580. I was able to install the card disable the onboard video. system profiler show it as a RaDeon Pro 580 and hardware acceleration seams to be working. My Geekbench opencl score 136147 so I think I have everything working but when i render the same file I did from before the video card install it is has a lot of artifacts and pixelation. Before the RX 580 the video would render without these issues. Not sure what I could be missing.

Help, please: FCXP rendering issues MSI Z370, 7-8700k, RX580.
I have another problem is FCPX don't use the RX 580 for export and render because I use a GPUs monitor and when I use the stabilization in transcode it use it but not when render it.

Could anybody help pls?

I had the same problem whith i5 9600k and rx580.
Could anybody help pls?


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Ok here is my problem:
switched from gtx 970 to rx 580 8gb hoping for a better experience with FCPX.
At first, everything seemed working well but without a great benefit in FCPX 10.4.1. About the same speed with 970 even if OpenCL score in Geekbench was higher.

Problems started when I tried to export with Compressor or FCPX H264: sometimes the entire system crashed and rebooted, other times only said "failed".

Then I enabled iGPU and followed the instruction of MatiCohen about clover and kext but with no luck.

Now if I enable iGpu I cannot see anything (black screen) while if I disable or set to auto the iGpu in bios I cannot export H264.

Attached my EFI.

My System:
High Sierra 10.13.4
Gigabyte Z170X UD5 TH
Sapphire RX 580 8gb.

Thanks for any suggestion.
Hey. Did you ever find a solution to this? My video processing speed has improved drastically with either the ig-platform id and/or the bios settings. But I also get black screen at start up and have to mess with the power on the monitor to get it working, but the worst part is the artifacts in the compressor render, the video is basically unusable.

Card is Radeon RX 580
@wjones1972 did you solve the artefacts/pixelation issue? I'm having the same thing in fcpx when I use effects or transitions.. Before rendering video is fine, but after rendering it's all messed up.

Hey. Can you share how you managed to fix this? I'm having terrible artifact issues. Thanks!
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