RTL8169 trouble getting IP address

Oct 29, 2013
Intel Core 2 Quad 9550
GeForce 610
MacBook Air
Hey guys, first time poster, longtime lurker.

On my 3rd hackintosh build, and I'm running into a snafu..

  • Dell T3500, W3575 Xeon Quad, 24GB RAM
  • Clover 10.10.5 Legacy Install.
  • Graphics GeForce GT 610
  • Goal: Get RTL8169 PCI NIC to take a proper IP address, get onboard Broadcom working as fallback.
I recently redid the computer as a fresh install. I have an Intel 82574L that works just fine, but I'm switching to the RTL8169 PCI card to free up a PCIe slot. The Realtek has worked flawlessly in my other 10.10.5 machine (ASUS P5G41T-LM) in both Chameleon and Clover iterations, using the Multibeast kext that is included (AppleRTL8169Ethernet). Since using this machine, I've struggled to get the kext to load correctly. The card is detected in DPCIManager and System Report. All three NICs show as built-in and recognized in the network interfaces. The issue is that the Realtek card is getting a self-assigned IP address. It has a DHCP reservation waiting for it on my Airport Extreme. I'd rather tackle the Realtek first, and re-visit the Broadcom issue down the line once I have everything set up and backed up.

Steps I've taken:
  • I've confirmed the correct device id and vendor id is listed in the kext (IOPCIMatch?), but this is my first time needing to modify them, may need to double check that I'm confirming that I'm looking at the right spot.
  • Removed all interfaces, apply, remove /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist, reboot. Added back.
  • Rebuilt the kext cache with sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions, sudo kextcache -update-volume /
  • The Intel shows as en(0), Broadcom as en(1), and Realtek as en(2)
I'm probably missing something obvious/doing something completely wrong, but it's time for an outside opinion on this issue. Thanks in advance.