ROG maximus Hero & High Sierra boot

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Jul 15, 2018
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Hi All,

I have just finished putting together almost the exact same build as Stork's ROG Maximus Hero (but with the GTX 1070 card). His guide has been a huge help but I seem to be running into two issues that I hope someone might have some advice on, as I can't seem to find an answer...

I followed Stork's guide to the letter three times but on all three occasions the same thing happens - the install goes smoothly, OSX goes in without too many issues and I mod the plist etc. as advised and High Sierra seems to be all happy. When I reboot though two things happen:

1. regardless of how many times I set it in the BIOS, the system will not boot to the nominated drive, instead going right back to the main screen. I then have to enter the BIOS, go to EXIT > Discard Changes and Exit. After this, it will reboot to Clover (this has been an issue from the get go, even with booting to the USB).

Once it boots...

2. Clover kicks in and boots to the nominated drive automatically. From there though, all that happens is the progress bar (Apple logo and black boot screen) gets to between 70 and 90% and then the system reboots and it’s back to the start.

I’ve tried this three times, the last time I did not include the nvida drivers as outlined, as I thought they may have had something to do with it but seems not (I gather I can install them after the fact anyway). Right now I can’t get into OSX at all!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I am so close!
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