Quick look solutions and problems 10.14

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Mar 30, 2014
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I know there are already some threats about this but there is no threat with this problem described as a hackintosh problem.

I (and some other forum users) installed the latest mojave beta en there seems to be an odd problem with quick look.
On a real mac, quick look works like a charm. It opens JPG files, wave files, mp3 and others etc. On a Hackintosh there seems to be a problem with especially JPG files.

I think this has something to do with the graphicscard drivers.
Some users are reporting that the solution was captured by installing VoodooHDA.
I am using an external audio card, and wave files play without a problem.

JPG files do not show up. the quicklook screen stays grey.
I am using a RX560 gigabyte videocard.

I would like to know if more users are attempting to get to this solution or experience other change errors with quick look.
And, how to solve them.
It seems to be a hackintosh problem, so i think we need a good explanation and solution to this problem.
Fix Preview issues in Mojave!
in my case solved the problem)

Changing the system definitions seems to be working well for me, too. I wonder, what's the difference between 5,1 and 6,1 Mac Pro? Is there anything else that could break by changing it from its original setting? Anything I should check if it's working properly. Sorry for the broad question, help appreciated.

(What did NOT work for me is changing the iGPU settings in BIOS)
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