PWM Fan Splitter

Sep 8, 2017
Hi Gents,

for my G5 mod I did PWM fan splitter to be able to connect 5 PWM fans on 1 Chasis fun header and control RPM's of all of them trough BIOS or sofware. All fans has the same RPM's.
Build is described in this log: PowerMac G5 - Untouched Exterior

I advice to power the fans directly from PSU and Heater on Mobo fan header use for RPM control, only.
I prefer this solution to avoid fans suck to much power from Mobo and it will damage it.
I used wiring diagram found on internet as an inspiration.
According this diagram have to connect PWM, SENSE from MOBO header, Ground and 12V from PSU (molex or sata) to "FunPlug0" header.
RPM's will be controled by fan connect to "FunPlug1", so it's mandatory to use this plug, otherwise you will be not able to control your fans.

For Pin Headers on PCB can use any 2.54 mm pin stripe or specific 4 Pin Header for fans if you find it in your local store.

Fan_Splitter.JPG Final_G5_Fan_Spliter_Testing.jpg