PS4 controller causing Kernel Panic in lapic

Jun 15, 2012
Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7-F13
i7-8700K OC @ 5.1Ghz
RX 6900 XT
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On 11.5.1 on a system that's otherwise pretty stable, but one issue remains. PS4 controller plugged into UPS sporatically causes kernel panic. I had a dev symbolize and debug panic and said it's being caused in a specific call.

I've attached his analysis, his analysis came from the full .panic file and seeing lapic_interrupt in the call stack then seeing that the specific paniced thread was not symbalaized and exactly tw ofunctions in source code of lapic_interrupt aren't symbalized so it has to be panicing on one of those two calls.

I can pretty much get panic within an hour using PS4 controller or if i unplug it, stable for 2 weeks straight. The obvious solution to some would be "well just don't use controller" but I play a lot of openemu and other games with it. I've reviewed patches and opencore config 10x over and bios settings and didn't find solution there.

What's been Tried:
Different system defs: imac19,1, imac19,2, imacpro,1,1
Toggling bios setting IOAPIC Entries 24-119 on and off, neither setting results in panic going away.

Using Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard, which is a "fake" 370 (which is why some of the quirks don't make sense for 370.
CPU is 8700K.
If wondering why using imacpro instead of imac19 at moment. I have igpu disabled and getting full hardware encode/decode and DRM working on 6900XT favors imacpro sys, and issue occurs on imac18, igpu on or off so I prefer the imacpro even if it kind of hoses cpu power management. On that note I also tried removing PLUG ssdt and that doesn't matter either way.

I just wonder if I need a specific patch or another usb/bios setting i missed to make it behave right, or If I just just throw "lapic_dont_panic=1" in boot args and call it a day?

EDIT: Just now noticing the LapicKernelPanic kernel quirk that literally disables this type of panic. doesn't solve why it happens. Also googling it shows it's typically a quirk an HP laptop needs, not something a gigabyte golden desktop build should need, especially since PS4 controller worked fine on 10.13.6 and every version of OS prior to it. Granted apple added golden drivers for it in i think catalina and later and I only just went to 11.4 and now 11.5.1 because of 6900xt so i had software and hardware changes, and technically system def changes too since on 10.13.6 even though i had a 8700k i had to use imac18 since 19 didn't exist yet. So I'll try this quirk out unless other suggests come forth and give feedback if this quirk "solves" issue for me.


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