PS3 Controller + Steam = Kernel Panic

Sep 15, 2014
Classic Mac
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I've done quite a bit of searching (on and off the forums) and really can't find too many answers out there, so forgive if there is one on here and I haven't noticed it.

This is my first Hackintosh and I've had it running quite well for almost a month. I love it.

There is one problem, and it isn't really a problem, just something that would be so much better if it would work: when I try to play Steam games with my PS3 controller after an undefined amount of time, I get a kernel panic.

Now, I set it up via ControllerMate so that I can use the Analog Sticks as mouse movements and whatnot and it works beautifully as my primary mouse when I want to sit back on the couch and lazily surf the Web, in fact I'm using it as I type this.

But, when I run a Steam game (Left 4 Dead) for instance, after a bit, usually anywhere from 30 seconds into a level to 45 minutes into playing the game, I get a kernel panic.

I'm just curious if anyone else is experiencing/has experienced this and if so what you managed to do to fix it.

I'm honestly curious because I really want to try playing split screen across 2 monitors with my ps3 controllers and a buddy. Yes, I could do this on my PC quite easily, but I like to tinker with things.

My Hackintosh specs:

Core i7 3GHz
XFX Radeon 5770

(not sure if anything else would be very pertinent, but here it is just in case)
4GB GSKILL RIPJAW (soon to be 8GB)
Sony Optiarc DVD-RW
Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
Corsair TX750W

Like I said, everything else works splendidly and the PS3 controller does not cause kernel panic outside of a Steam game.

Thanks in advance for any insight/assistance you can provide for this Hackintosh newbie.