Protools USB DAW build advice

Jun 9, 2014
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First off this is the first posting I have made and I hope this is the right place for it. I understand this subject has been addressed in several threads but I am trying to make my build as smooth as possible. I'm considering building a rig that will be compatible with pro tools express. I'm currently using an m-track quad, though I will be purchasing a Focusrite interface and upgrading to PT11 in the future. My loose requirements are an I7 4770k, a GTX770 graphics card if and when my budget permits, 2 ssd s and good amount of ram. Thunderbolt support for future use would be nice but is not necessary. My concern is which board to use. Many people seem to have trouble getting PT10 through USB interfaces to open or to recognize the ILock authorization. Network and USB setting seem to be the variables. I'm wondering if certain motherboards will be more likely to play nice from the start. If anyone with a 3rd party pro tools USB I/O and an ILok has a successful build then please share your advice. I've seen some workarounds for these problems posted and I may not encounter them at all but the solutions seem vague. Any suggestions?