Proposed FCP / Mojave Hackintosh 2018

Which motherboard should I go with?

  • Gigabyte AORUS GA-Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming WIFI-OP

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Nov 19, 2018
Hello guys, this is my first ever post and attempt to build a hackintosh. Would love your input on the following build I am considering and any comments with respect to compatibility of hardware and software vs my goals for the build would be much appreciated.

Here goes!

Build Goals :
1. Final Cut Pro X - Decode, edit 4k 10-Bit H.265 files without breaking a sweat
2. Capture One Pro - No lag!
3. Able to run 3x 4K Monitors;
- The monitors would typically be doing one of the following scenarios :
a) 1 monitor for word processing/Capture 1, 1 with open pdf/word files, 1 video playback (eg youtube)
b) 1 monitor for streaming video eg youtube, monitors 2 and 3 being used for FCP
4. Use iMessage, handoff etc
5. Dual boot windows 10
6. Thunderbolt 3
7. Mojave

Proposed parts :

1. CPU: Intel i7 8700k (plan is to overclock this to 5.0GHz)

2. Motherboard: Preferred Option 1 : Gigabyte AORUS GA-Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming WIFI-OP. This comes with 32GB intel optane pre-installed which apparently doesn't work in macOS, I can't find any information on this online, but can anyone confirm whether the optane module can simply be removed? and then we are all sweet?
- I prefer this board as both M.2 slots are x4 speed and the board has the thunderbolt header for the Titan Ridge add in card for thunderbolt 3 (although this card appears to be very difficult to get a hold of at the moment)

Option 2 : Gigabyte GA-H370 AORUS Gaming 3 WIFI Motherboard (I understand there are better boards however where I live in Australia, getting access to all versions from the same vendor appears hit and miss - planning to buy from Scorptec, if any Aussies on this forum have better advice I am all ears!)

3. RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB)

4. Boot Drive: Samsung 1TB SSD, 970 PRO, NVMe M.2 (PCIe)(Will be used to boot macOS + Scratch drive)

5. Secondary Windows 10 Boot Drive - Samsung 250GB SSD (2.5"), 860 EVO, SATA III, 7mm

6. Backup MacOS SSD - Samsung 250GB SSD (2.5"), 860 EVO, SATA III, 7mm

7. Local File Storage Drive - Samsung 250GB SSD (2.5"), 860 EVO, SATA III, 7mm
---> Long term plan is to have an external mechanical hdd raid array (via thunderbolt 3) for archiving my files

8. Graphics Card : MSI Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Boost OC, 8GB HBM2, PCI-E 3.0, HDMI 2.0b, 3x DisplayPort 1.4 (single card)

9. Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA P2 850W Modular Power Supply

10. WIFI : PC / Hackintosh – Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD – 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with Bluetooth 4.0

11. Keyboard : Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

12. Trackpad : Apple Magic Trackpad

13. Monitors : 3x Dell 23.8inch Ultra HD 4K Monitor, 3840x2160 connected via displayport to the Radeon Vega (plan to scale these to retina)

14. CPU Cooling: Noctua NH-D15

15. Case: Fractal Design Define R6 USB-C Gunmetal ATX Case (would the USB C port have any issues working?)(contains 2x120mm fans)

16. Case Fans : Add to case 3x Noctua 120mm NF-A12x25 PWM 2000RPM Fan

17. Gigabyte Alpine Ridge V2 Thunderbolt 3 PCI-E Card

Thanks for any and all input on the build!
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