Solved > Problème HD630

Apr 24, 2016
GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming
intel i7 7700K
Intel HD630
Mac mini
Mobile Phone
Hello all,

I decided three days ago to redo a Clean Install to upgrade to version 10.14.6 of Mojave.
I have a 256GB Samsung Nvme drive and a PNG 240GB sata SSD to backup my Samsung Nvme. So I always have a possibility to restart on my PNY.
I start the creation of the USB key for the Install of the 10.14.6, ok everything goes well I start the installation on the Samsung Nvme that I delete before starting the installation (I disconnected all my disks not to take any risk), I start the installation of the 10.14.6 all that goes well, but at the opening of Mojave I notice a white fillet around my doc because I'm in dark mode, then when I move a window, it's very slow that jerk.
I launch Multibeast I make my settings, I reboot live on my Nvme but I still have the same problem, as if my graphics card HD630 was not installed properly.
My motherboard is a gigabyte Z170 Ultra Gaming with updated bios.
It's been three days that I try everything I can but nothing done Install kext wanted, always the same, this graphics card no longer works. Worse when I come back on my backup PNY disk that I do the same thing while I have not touched anything.

If anyone has a start of solution thank you for helping me because the crush I do not understand anything.

Thank you to all of you.