Pro tools HD4 rig on Gigabyte P85-D3 i7 4790K Devil´s Canyon OSX ML

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Mar 26, 2010
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Hi All

I just bought the following HW:
Intel Core i7 4790K Devil´s Canyon 4GHZ
16GB Corsair XMP non ECC
I have a GT610 but would love to use the onboard HDMI for quality and sound reasons + the Graphic Card takes up the first PCI port leaving me with a HD3 system instead of HD4 (more DSP)
Im running win7 64bit Home Premium and ubuntu 14 64bit now, and i am able to use the windows system for pro tools 9HD ilok

Here is the issue:
I love OSX and i do loath Windows (all systems from win95 and until now)
It crashes and makes audio files disapear wich i neverhad happen with osx or linux
Linux wont run pro tools properly with Wine or other bridge application, if it did i would be running Ubuntu now

So im left with buying a 10.000 euro Avid pro tools system OR getting my (obsolete) Digidesign HD 4 system PCI-X cards to run with Mountain Lion (only way is pc hardware as macpro nowdays only have pciexpress ports) or even no ports at all (the ugly black garbage bin)

I´v tried several methods but i keep running in reboot-circles
I´v install some 30+ frankenmacs in my time and my hunch is that it´s either the cpu or hdmi display port that is giving issues

I Need Mountain Lion and not higher, as pro tools 9HD wont run on newer OSX
I really hope someone had luck with this combination of HW

Happy building
Jan 9, 2014
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I had success with unibeast and ml 10.8 + a dsdt.aml i created with ubuntu live in terminal
now running pro tools 9HD with 4 TDM cards :-D
dsdt.aml for P85-D3 rev.2.0 is here
Hi, I just want to confirm, did you get the pci tdm cards working on the GA-P85-D3? I thought they weren't supposed to work right on PCI to PCIe bridged motherboards? I thought it had to be true PCI (like on sandybrige/ivybridge) I run a sandybridge rig but my main gaming PC is z97. If what you are saying is true, I might upgrade to the GA-P85-D3 and put my 4790 in it and have a dual boot windows gaming/osx86 pro tools PC lol
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