Pro Tools 10 (And Other DAWs) With Mountain Lion

Jul 27, 2012
MSI P67a-GD55
GTX 560
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I updated to ML from Lion a couple of days ago and I had a rough time getting Pro Tools running smoothly. I didn't find any forums talking much about music production software and Mountain Lion. So now that I'm up and running, I thought I would share my story to help anyone experiencing the same or similar issues. As well as create a thread for people to seek help with there audio applications on ML.

Problems I Encountered During Install:

When I first updated. I was having problems getting the computer to boot after the installation was complete. I tried updating twice and each time I was having so many kexts in backtrace (when booting with -v) that I couldn't trace them all down. Luckily I had the sense to clone my drive before attempting the upgrade on the machine that makes me my money :p. So I booted to my other drive, deleted the /Extra and /Extensions folders (from the drive I was updating), then tried the upgrade from Lion again. After that I was able to boot up fine after the update was complete. Then it was just a matter of finding the correct multibeast settings to make it boot on its own. I won't go into detail about what multibeast settings I used since our hardware is all different for the most part, But if you have similar hardware to me and are having issues Id be happy to help you out.

Problems I Encountered With Pro Tools:

So After I was successfully booting ML and spent sometime looking around at all the new features I figured it was time to get back to work. So I open up Pro Tools, Launch the session I had been working on and everything seemed fine until I hit "play". :( The session started popping and clicking continuously and sounded like a dying robot (Daaaavvvveeeyyy Daaavvvveeeyyy). So I promptly booted back to my backup disk and finished my work. After that project was completed, it was back to the drawing board. I Googled and Binged my heart out for someone experiencing the same problem, but found no one. So I did everything that you normally do when a Pro Tools problem arises. I cleared my cache, cleared my prefs, shouted a lot, and finally reinstalled Pro Tools. All of that did nothing. So after awhile I decided that I was just going to work off my other drive until Avid released a patch for Mountain Lion. Later that night I decided I would try out this geekbench thing that all of the cool kids were talking about so that I could see how awesome my computer really was.:cool: downloaded the program, ran it, and got a score of 5000 :banghead:. My dreams of having the greatest geekbench score every and trolling around the forums was crushed...........It was then in this moment of despair that I realized that there was no way my computer was THAT bad. So back to the forums I went.

After reading all the posts about CPU problems and SSDT's & SpeedStep not working correctly in ML, :idea: It hit me. PRO TOOLS + SPEEDSTEP = DEATH!!!!! So I headed to my BIOS and disabled C state and TurboBoost (like Avid recommends), restarted my computer, started up Pro Tools, and everything has been working AMAZINGLY for Two days now!!!!:headbang:

I hope that this will help someone with the same problem.