PowerMac G3 b&w with Laser Hive mod

Feb 8, 2013
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In 2018 I spent a lot of time case modding old Apple PowerMac cases, specifically the G3 blue&white, a G4 Sawtooth and two G4 Quicksilvers. Here I am presenting the G3 b&w. The hackintosh parts are not really worth going over, so here are a few points on the case mod. I try to illustrate my point with pictures as best as I can.

1) I have used parts from The Laser Hive but I have also 3D printed two parts. Later I'd like to publish the files for those. One 3D printed part is for the USB/audio front panel which I designed to work with panels like this. Put those panel on the 3D printed holder and put it behing the ZIP slot.

2) The other 3D printed part was for the front switches where I used two of those flat, no travel switches and two LEDs (no photo unfortunately). I glued the front panel switches to a 3D printed holding piece and soldered the switched to jumper cables like this which I then connected to the motherboard.

3) The parts I used are from the 2012/2013 range and produced too much heat. Air flow of these cases is not the best. So I had to drill additional holes into the inner metal cage. If you can, use Skylake generation parts and newer to bring down heat production.

4) Using Molex LEDs like these you can easily illuminate the side Apple logos. On the plastic side panels drill into those plastic standoffs in the middle behind the logo to widen them a bit. Then take 3mm LEDs, put the LED through the hole and tape the cable. Works on G3 and G4 QS/ST cases, but with G3 b&w cases it illuminated the entire side since the side panels are made of transparent plastic. Use illuminated fans like these to illuminate the inner cage and outer fan exit.


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