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Nov 10, 2013
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(Note: If this post is in the wrong place, then I apologize in advance)

After a fresh install of OS X 10.12.4, I have been having issues and I am trying to figure this out. I followed the installation steps and am able to install 10.12.4 onto my 1TB HDD no problem. It also boots from the flash drive as well. Once that is done, I run the newest version of Multibeast (9.1) and everything installs perfectly fine. For reference, these are the options I have installed since 10.12.0 (with this working):
  • AppleIntel1000 -> 3.3.1 (intel ethernet kext. I cannot remember the exact name ATM)
  • ALC1150 Audio Codec (based on the MB codec)
  • Clover UEFI mode (v4063)
  • iMac 14,2 SSDT
  • Nvidiaweb option (enables web drivers for newer NVIDIA GPU's)
Afterwards, I install the NVIDIA graphics package and reboot. However, when I reboot to my HDD, I get a black screen (image below, just in case). The input is seen because I would otherwise get "No Signal" on my monitor. It's a standard 1080p monitor, so it's nothing crazy.

I initially thought it might be the ethernet kext, but even removing the kext saw no difference. I did the same with the audio (and even did a fresh install without selecting the audio codec), but I'm still getting a black screen.

I originally updated my system from 10.12.0-10.12.3 just fine. However, my HDD got messed up and my backup (using carbon copy cloner on an external) didn't help me either, so that is why I am doing a fresh install.

A few other notes:

- I have an elgato HD60 pro capture card on the PCIe x1 slot below the GPU along with a PCIe wifi/bluetooth card. This might not be a factor, but I'll list it for additional info.

- I did run using the -v (verbose) parameter as well, but I did not see ANY errors at all. I have a recording of this, but it is too large for me to upload here. However, I slowed down my recording and re-watched it multiple times to catch any errors, but again didn't see any.

The only thing that I can think of that is causing the issue is the graphics. However, I have no idea what I did wrong/didn't include to make this working. Is there something that I am not including for multibeast? Is there something else causing the issue? Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance :D

(P.S: My build is in my signature)


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