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Jul 20, 2011
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This may be an odd place to ask, but I have what I think is a Hackintosh-related problem... on a real Mac. After 0ver 10 years of using Hackintoshes I finally purchased a new Mac mini. After setting up the OS I imported the user account from my Hackintosh via a Time Machine backup. It went without a hitch... until a system update came out. The following scenario has occurred EVERY time a new update was released. The update would install, the computer boots up with Apple Logo and progress bar. The progress bar gets just over half way and starts to slow down. After an extremely long time, it finally gets to the end and the computer just sits there... for hours. No change. I always end up having to reformat the drive, reinstall a new OS and go back to Time Machine for my user account. Is there some remnent from my Hackintosh OS install that is causing this? I thought I removed everything Clover related but I'm not sure. ANY help would be gratefully received.