*Possible* solution for black screen over Display Port after upgrade to Mojave

Aug 22, 2017
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For those who are using Display Port to connect their monitor and are getting a message saying "Entering Power Save Mode" on their display after Clover boot loader screen, I wanted to share my experience. I have spent 3 days trying to figure out the issue with a lot of help from @pastrychef @Stork and @manHands. All 3 have offered very good advice and for those struggling with issues, I would strongly suggest that you read through some of our posts and the links/suggestions they provide and implement them, provided you have a similar set up as me.

I had previously attempted to implement native display brightness using F1 and F2 keys and read somewhere that I should update the firmware for my DELL U3415W which enables Display Port v1.2 connectivity among other things. Using my Windows 10 partition I installed firmware and enabled DP1.2 This worked well in High Sierra 10.13.6, however once I upgraded to Mojave, I had to switch my monitor input to HDMI (it took me a while to figure this one out). I spent hours updating kexts / modifying my Clover settings to no avail. I decided to read the manual of my DELL monitor and found that there was a setting for enabling and disabling DP1.2. Sure enough, once I disabled DP1.2 I got video over Display Port. Lesson learned.

I am not sure why High Sierra [I went through the trouble of making a separate install of HS 10.3.6 on another drive] :crazy: and DP1.2 play nice, but Mojave doesn't but this solved my issue and might help someone exhibiting similar behavior.

Bottom line, if you're running Mojave, disable DP1.2 and/or restore your display to factory settings using OSD menu. Now, if I could just figure out the preview situation with jpg and get my Slate VRS8 Thunderbolt going, I would be set. :think: